Husband: Menelaus


weddingHow to even create this page? I would not have even thought to, except my ex husband has stated that everyone who has been on the blog several times has a character page – except for him (which isn’t necessarily true, I just started doing character pages).

Also, every post that I’ve written on this blog for four years has been about him unless otherwise stated, so I never felt the need to give him a character page when it feels like this space is him.

But, and here’s a reason why perhaps he should have a page, he may become more distant to the past as I continue writing and pursuing relationships in the future.

He was always curious about a name, I joked once that it would be “God”, as that’s what I scream out the most during sex. But Menelaus – a famous warrior and husband to a woman torn, seems appropriate.

I didn’t like military men until him and he wasn’t my type. But his kind and quiet manner won my love to a strength that is shocking to myself and those who know how unemotional I am towards people. I took our love for granted and pushed for things that he was uncomfortable with; I was not the greatest wife. Overall, however, we had a great marriage that was full of love, honesty, communication, fantastic sex, and fun adventures. He was the love of my life until he cruelly ended our marriage, right after he got out of the military (and perhaps midlife crisis?). Our separation wasn’t pretty for a weekend, and he was verbally mean at a few points along the way, but for the most part we left each other alone. We even attempted to reconcile, but to no avail. I am hoping we can still be friends.hiking

He was my best friend and family for so many years, after all. I explored so much about kink with him. I discovered a love of rope thanks to him.

And I respect and want to thank him, here, for allowing me to write so honestly and raw from my perspective.

He is a big man in every sense of the word.