Apr 282016

I’m not even trying to match X for my A to Z Challenge. Might as well admit it now. So this is for the letter X.

So last minute, after I sworn off the hit it and quit its, I get a message from someone wishing me good morning. I wanted to end my slut fest on a good note, and after the emotional night before, I decide to give it another shot.

I am nothing if not optimistic.

He was cute, a smile that was absolutely contagious, and an amazing body. He didn’t waste time but suggested we go to the bedroom, which was perfect for a hook up.

He takes off his shirts and reveals such an amazing body. I take off my shoes and socks as I watch him.

Suddenly he comes over and pushes me down on the bed. He grips my wrists above my head and tells me that I’m going to do what he says, asking for consent in the demand.

He has this sweet southern gentleman charm about him, and I’m unsure if this is him or because this is what I told him I wanted days ago.

Regardless, I voice my consent. We kiss and our bodies press together, I can feel how hard he is through his sweat pants. I go to kiss his neck and he slaps my face, telling me that he didn’t tell me to kiss his neck.

Slapping my face probably should have been discussed and consented to prior, but he isn’t my first uneducated partner by this point. I’m beginning to realize that many people just do things first and hope it’s okay rather than ask. I was trusting in the fact that if I asked him to stop, he would, but honestly, for some reason that probably is a darker one, I didn’t mind the face slapping. Which he did throughout the course of our time together, a few times quite hard to where my cheek was marked.

He kept a serious face and firm tone, had strong arms to manipulate me where he wanted me.

He was about pleasing more than anything, however. His fingers brought me to orgasm, then his mouth devoured me for so long. He was the first hook up to go down on me, and he was skilled at it. After awhile, he told me to sit on his face, his arms picked me up as he laid there and move me to his face. The wall was a bit close and my forehead hit it as he navigated me over him, but I didn’t pay attention to it, as his mouth already closed on me.

We had already discussed anal, and I said I hadn’t and wouldn’t do anal, but some stimulation was nice, so he asked if he could finger me. I said yes, and he spit and inserted a finger. After a minute he tried two but that was painful, so he went back to one as his mouth fucked me.

He ordered me to go down on him and then have sex with him. He wasn’t fully hard the majority of the time that we had sex. He alternated between ordering me to watch him stroke himself and having sex with me.

When we went to be doggy style, he spit on my asshole and inserted a finger, then two but I protested how it felt, so for some reason then he tried to slip himself inside my ass. I told him no and he slid inside my cunt and asked if that was what I wanted.

The fact that he wasn’t staying hard prevented truly decent sex, but I was already pleased from everything else and it felt good. I liked his commanding presence and the fact that he was about my pleasure. Every time I opened my eyes, he was staring at my face.

At one point, while I was riding him, he told me to spin around but to keep him inside of me. He wasn’t fully hard and I knew it was going to be impossible. He looked up at my pondering face, cracked a huge smile, and told me it was fine. His smile, I can’t stress enough, was breathtaking, and a sign of the softer side of him that I thought he was versus the stern one he was showing himself to be.

When I moved to be reversed, I watched his thigh muscles bunch and tense while I raised and lowered myself. It was mesmerizing until he yanked my head back with my hair, thrusting his hips up as I slammed myself down even harder, arched back.

When I became tired and rolled off of him, he ordered me to suck on his balls while he stroked himself, told me to spread my legs so he could finger me at the same time, and told me that when he came I was to “lick it up”.

He especially loved watching me lick it up. Then he held me and told me how hot I was, how much fun it was, and how much he enjoyed himself. I stroked his chest hair for a few minutes and then rolled over, sweaty and hot. A few minutes later, he left.

He really was a sweet, and gorgeous, man. By far the best hook up so far, and the first I would I would want a repeat performance from.

*As a follow up, he still fantasizes about me and we message each other back and forth at least on a weekly basis even months later. If we ever get near each other, and we’re available, odds are pretty strong we’ll hook up again. I never imagined making a friend out of an online one-night hook up, but he certainly is becoming a friend of mine by this point. 

  2 Responses to “Last Hookup”

  1. New friends are always awesome! One you have great sex with are even better.

  2. I like that you’ve made a new friend 🙂

    Rebel xox

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