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A post about the last three months of 2015, choosing my favorite or most revealing photos and posts and giving some background information; also listing accomplishments. The last three months have been when the separation from my husband began to wear on me and my friends began making more regular appearances than I’ve shown in the past.



Favorite post:

“My brain is often a chaotic swirling of thoughts, speeding by so quickly that sometimes it’s hard to find clarity. Even coming down from the spacey high of the scene, my unconscious background noise was beginning all over again, a realization made evident only when my wrong assumption was brought to light. Proven wrong, the wisps of vague notions of what I should be doing and how I’m doing stilled.” – When I thought the Scene Was Done

Mimir featured a lot in the month of October as a new play partner to me. There were some issues with having a play partner at first in my marriage, but the issues were resolved slowly. Because he was mentioned 3 times, and having a play partner is certainly another chapter in my exploration, I felt like a post needed to be included. I choose this one because it was my favorite part of the three part scene.

Untitled-1Favorite photo: Suspending Bigger Bodies is my favorite this month, though truly 4 photos featured a female friend in the month of October, so I loved them all. Perhaps it’s because my husband was gone that I pulled from my support system of friends?

Accomplishments: Outdoor Suspension on both (and both from) Kilted Wookie on Sinful Sunday; I loved his comment about doing “more for rope sales than 50 Shades”. 

Using The Opposite of Standing picture as an example in Sinful Sunday’s monthly prompt,  described as “a view very rarely seen of the human body”.

Girl on the Net gives a nod to the photo Underwater Wax, but during this post from her my heart hurts for her, especially considering I had my own battles with posting photos.

We made Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2015, as well as number 2 for Top Erotica Blogs!

Mere Days in Wicked Wednesday’s weekly roundup.


Favorite post:

“In that brief moment of his body pressing mine into the floor…

…my legs bound and spread,

….his hands pining my wrists and throat,

….in shallow inhalations tasting and swallowing his breath as it washed against my face,

…he became more lover than play partner – he felt as if he was a part of me, inside of me, not only quieting my mind but deeply penetrating inside.” – Pressed into the Floor

After reading this write up of the scene, Mimir approached me with taking our playing to a more intimate level, to which I am very grateful for.

IMG_0761Favorite photo: Video for Him is my favorite picture, if only because it shows another level of how my husband and myself stay connected long distance, though I was pretty proud of my performance on that video that he requested.Sex Blogger Of The Month

We made it to three whole years of blogging!

Wank of the Day’s Sex Blogger of the Month! Just wow – what an amazing honor to picked as the sex blog of the month. Not to mention that this is such a fantastic idea that I may have to do it myself next year.


Favorite Post:

“over the years my wife and I have been married we have tried many things. The trust we have in each other far surpasses anything I have ever experienced before. Being allowed to be myself and not shoved in this box of what society deems normal and okay has opened up my mind to many questions;”- My Wife

My husband does not write a lot, but this month he was featured twice, both sharing his viewpoint of opening up our marriage a bit more. This post was actually a reflection I requested of him while we were separated, a question of kinks and desires; so I was a bit surprised he opened with some words on describing me and our relationship, and of course fell in love with them.

blog 3Favorite Photo: Atargatis is a friend of mine who has been featured quite a bit in photos recently. She’s been a huge help in keeping me company, and she’s creative with photos, so we’ve been spending a lot of time together. Here is one that my husband was a part of before he left – he’s the artistic one with hot wax, and she has a beautiful body for a canvas. I was lucky enough to be behind the camera.

Festive Bondage made Sinful Sunday’s weekly roundup.

69 Suspension made Sinful Sunday’s weekly roundup.

Kayla Lord’s weekly Newsletter featuring Last Christmas.

Molly’s Top 20 of 2015 – such an amazing accomplishment. She is incredibly supportive in the sex blogging community and I imagine quite busy, so I am humbled that she reads us leisurely when she finds the time.

2015Bloggers2Beck and her Kinks’ Top 25 Sex Bloggers of 2015 – Beck is very generous with her time – we skyped once because she had some advice on how I could improve my blog, and I always go to her with what sex toy I should buy next.


Kilted Wookie’s Naughty List of Top 20 of 2015. Any list that includes the word naughty I am all about. Not to mention that his badge of a wookie never ceases to crack me up. I think he’s fantastic, and feel like I talk to him on twitter more than any other person recently.

Rebel’s Top 20 Blogs of ’15 – Rebel has always been incredibly generous with her time, her supportive comments show a dedication to this community that inspire me. So it is especially appreciated that she honors us in this list. She is incredibly creative with her Skelly stories and her photos.



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