Dec 242016

If you don’t have snow, go to the other extreme

Sinful SundaySet to the song “Let It Snow” since where I live I don’t get any snow, for Exhibit Unadorned’s Christmas prompts.

  15 Responses to “Let It Burn”

  1. A graphic shot. Let it burn indeed

  2. Wow, great shot and love the effects too…..both on the subject and on the image itself!!
    Merry Christmas x

  3. Wow, that’s a nice effect. Sinfully artistic.

  4. Oh yes, I will have the burn to snow any day!

    Rebel xox

  5. I think this sounds like a great alternative to a white Christmas


  6. Awesome photo effects!! Love the colors too!

  7. Looks intense…and fun! AWESOME COLORS!

  8. Love the color! Well done! ~C

  9. I really like the edit on this – it’s an intense image. Perfect for an intense year! Merry Christmas. x

  10. Burn Baby Burn then Fuck!

  11. That looks much more fun than snow anyway.

  12. Great edit.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!

  13. Oh goodness . . . that is wonderful!!!
    Fantastic photo!!!
    Xxx – K

  14. I love the effect you’ve used and I agree, a great alternative to snow!

  15. This is so beautiful and festive! Love the colors and the photo effect. LIke I’m looking through fogged up glass. Very cool.

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