Dec 082015

Blog 007 colorThere are parts right now that make me miss you so damn bad.

The temperature is not helping matters. It’s cold outside and there’s no warm body to heat me up. It’s frigid in my heart, an emptiness brought upon for protection that doesn’t want to thaw for any reason.  Even my moods cannot self regulate, going from a flatline freeze to an angry heat – the varying patterns of this shift are frightful at times.

And I’ve no place to go; I push myself further out into the storm but take very little comfort the minute I return to our home that is empty of your arms to hold me. I cannot be bothered by holiday spirit this year – not only for the memories of years past but also because you have placed them out of my reach. It is a silent, sad state and shows no signs of stopping.

I seek warmth amid the winds: arms and pain and rope and fingers and cock. I want another to sink into me, possess me, slide into my body, fill me, and reignite my heat; I briefly light up with him. I want to feel desired and cherished. My body and my mind crave that delight.

But only you make me feel loved.

So I’ll keep going out in the storm to be held tight, but the warmth fades the minute I step back into our home.

*Inspired by Exhibit Unadorned Christmas Erotica prompt, with the song “Let It Snow”.

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  1. That is lovely, lovely and achy and sad. Beautiful piece.

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