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So, he had asked for me to dominate him. For those that regularly read, this is always tricky for me. We even had a conversation a few days prior how I need something specific from him, how he has expectations that I don’t know about and therefore fail at, how I grope around the dark (as it were) trying to find that magic desire. He stated that I should just keep trying something different every single time until I get it right, that he is unsure how to verbalize.

I postponed it for weeks. Yes, weeks.

He was home for the day, on the computer relaxing. I told him to let me know when he finished a game he was playing, and then set myself off  to the bedroom. I opened up the toy chest and was immediately thwarted in not being able to find our ties and velcro cuffs.

I’m not cool like him – I am not good with rope.

I found the strap on dildo and harness. I couldn’t find the blindfold either.

I laid down and do what I do best: I made a list of what I needed and what I was planning – though the planned part was vague so that he didn’t understand.

When he came in, and saw the strap on tools, he requested for a quick break and shower. By the time he toweled himself off, I was done with the list, laying the middle of the bed with just a t-shirt on. I threw him the list. “Complete each one, wait before completing another as I have a task you need to do in between each step.”

He cleaned out the wax warmer and put in massage wax (listed). Then fingered me to orgasm (not listed).

He tied the ties around the bedposts and set them for his size (listed). Then edged himself (not listed).

*That was fucking hot. I had never had him do that before. I watched his body and facial expressions but didn’t touch. It took awhile, but while one hand was stroking his amazing looking cock, the other would roam – it was this hand I was most interested in. What felt good to him, where did he go and what did he do that I may not be doing? He was panting by the time he stopped, just short of an orgasm.

He found the blindfold (listed); he gave me three orgasms through sexual intercourse without cumming (not listed). I tried to push him to a limit that I thought he was capable of but we had not attempted yet.

Next up on the list was him being tied. He touched my nipple as I tied a wrist; I warned him. He did it again with the other wrist; I unstrapped him. “What are you doing? Why are you doing that?” he asked.

I laid down after unstrapping him fully. “You need to give me two orgasms with sex again. The first for touching my nipple after a warning, the second for questioning me.” Surely he knew in dominating me that there are always consequences for not obeying, especially because I cannot physically force his body to do anything – no, I needed his cooperation fully.

This time it was an obvious struggle for him to continue pumping in and out of me without cumming, I counted the orgasms – tried to squeeze my body to make it easier for me to cum so that he wouldn’t struggle as much with shortened time. He was panting again with the effort to hold back the pleasure.

But I wasn’t done with him; after all, I had a list of things and we had barely scratched the surface.

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  7 Responses to “Lists will save me”

  1. Now I am interested in the rest of that list! 😉


  2. I really enjoyed reading this – and got some great ideas from it too! I particularly liked that there were consequences (good for you, challenging for him) for not behaving.

    xx Dee

  3. Oh please, please continue this? I want to know how it continued. Sounds amazing!!!

    Rebel xox

  4. Oh my this is brilliant. I think you might have had a eureka moment with regards to your role as the Dom.


  5. There is no way we could have sex and me not come! 😉

    I too am interested in what’s on the list … 😉

  6. I’m so glad i read this. It’s really got my in the mood to switch around with my husband. He usually takes control and we’ve joked about switching around, i’ve been thinking quietly about it for some weeks and i think i’m finally ready. I know id be good at it. x

  7. I try to get Mrs to switch a little with one of her friends…sounds fun when done right.


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