Sep 092017
Sinful Sunday

That’s how I think the violet wand looks at times

  13 Responses to “Little Alien”

  1. Very cool pictures!

  2. A little alien just waiting to probe a poor, unsuspecting human. 😀

  3. so strange and pretty

  4. Fun . . . and very violet !
    Love the top left . . . very interesting!
    Xxx – K

  5. That’s interesting, wonder what it feels like.

  6. I know how difficult it is to get good pics of the violet wand @ work… great show!

  7. Really tough to get these picture but you did a great job


  8. They do look so amazing don’t they.

  9. Wow! They look so strange … and so innocently inviting…

    Great pictures!

  10. Oooh neon wand! I needs one of these. Such cool pics x

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