Jan 072017
Sinful Sunday

As I’m driving, I look down and see how much my dress is creeping up

  22 Responses to “Looking Down”

  1. And why that is a problem? Doubt you’d get amy complaints.

  2. This picture is so erotic. I feel like a voyeur maybe sat next to you. Sneaking a peak of something i shouldn’t see. Very sexy.

    Candy xx

  3. Lovely bit of subtle suggestion

  4. Lovely stockings… keep on with the creeping up and get back to me.

  5. I think being a passenger in your car would afford wonderful views


  6. I love the view!

    Rebel xox

  7. What a simply alluring lovely photograph

  8. This makes me want to take a long road trip with you… 😉 ~C

  9. Sexy….very sexy

  10. Legs Are Very Sexy Wearing Thigh High’s!

  11. I love when this happens, especially on the way to a date; it always turns me on to know that if the dress is creeping up when I’m on my way, it will do the same when I get there! Very sexy stockings.

  12. There’s nothing like sexy, lacy stockings, especially thigh-highs, and these are simply OH-MY-GAWD..!!! Very hot…great pic!

  13. Super Sexy Stockings!! Love them…amazing pic!

  14. How tantalising 💕

  15. Gorgeous glimpse of lace !!!
    Xxx – K

  16. Super-sexy indeed, and an incentive to take up hitch-hiking!
    Yummy thigh, and sexy stockings…
    Great, alluring photo!

  17. Great view!

  18. Very sexy indeed xx

  19. One of the sexiest things in the world is a skirt riding up a stockinged leg while a woman is driving. I really believe this. Totally hot!

  20. Nice view 🙂

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