Feb 032018
February Photofest
Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday is all about the letter E, so I thought I’d share an edit of electricity play

a little photo editing of my violet wand

  15 Responses to “Looks like Lightning”

  1. Oooh clever idea for prompt x

  2. Wow that’s super neat looking!!

  3. This is such a cool image!

  4. Cool shot, but I’m getting eyestrain searching…

  5. Wowza! Electric indeed! I need to get one of those… great shot x

  6. Really cool pic!

  7. Very clever image


  8. Ooh yes, love this very much xx

  9. I <3 Electric and Violet wands are so much fun!

  10. electrifying!
    that is cool!~

  11. Ooo this is such an interesting photo!
    Aurora x

  12. Nicely captured!

    Rebel xox

  13. Like lightning! Xx

  14. So envious…I want one!

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