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512px-Edouard_Manet_-_Luncheon_on_the_Grass_-_Google_Art_ProjectMidnight at the Oasis has a new meme called “Art Twist” Here is the original image of Luncheon on the Grass. The point of the prompt is to take a new twist on this. So, not knowing anything about art, nor am I even close to being creatively artistic, I read

The presence of a nude woman among clothed men is justified neither by mythological nor allegorical precedents. This, and the contemporary dress, rendered the strange and almost unreal scene obscene in the eyes of the public of the day…He made no transition between the light and dark elements of the picture, abandoning the usual subtle gradations in favour of brutal contrasts, thereby drawing reproaches for his “mania for seeing in blocks”. And the characters seem to fit uncomfortably in the sketchy background of woods from which Manet has deliberately excluded both depth and perspective. – Google Arts and Culture

Here is my take: I went with the naked woman, clothed males. I made them all headless (and some of their bodies are only half duplicated), well, because I am headless. What you are seeing are several military men dressed up for a special event and awaiting orders. I am in rope, because frankly naked women aren’t shocking, but tied up still has a shock value to it. The background I softened to make it more contrasting, and is from one of my many hikes along the Blue Ridge Mountains. I liked this, despite not knowing how to do editing nor photoshop. It’s creepy to me, and possibly the stuff of fantasies.


Sinful Sunday

  18 Responses to “Luncheon in Rope”

  1. Excellent. I’ve never cared for this painting, Manat was trying to do something that did not work for me. I like what you did with the headless figures, the heads are not needed, and the female image is perfect.

  2. This turned out great! I love the different possible interpretations of the setting and the fantasy element of anonymous men.

  3. Neatly conceptualized.

  4. Wow – this is awesome. I’m impressed with the photoshopping abilities. I love the image you picked of you – the rope just adds more vulnerability. Awesome! x

  5. Hi Cammies, Welcome to Art Twist and thanks for taking part.
    This is a fascinating response to the original, I definitely get the creepy side of things and the fantasy of the faceless men bound woman. For someone who hasn’t done much Photoshop you’ve put together an impressive image!

  6. Very creative and I agree it definitely has a creepy feel to it


  7. Awesome and simultaneously disturbing.

  8. Creepy indeed but very clever. Great edit xx

  9. I really like your creation and can see why it could also be a fantasy. It sure is one of mine… and then I don’t mean the headless part 😉

    Rebel xox

  10. It is creepy and very artsy – something you would see in a gallery for sure!

  11. Your photo definitely has me interested at the idea behind it, so I’m so pleased you discussed both that and the painting. I’m terrible with art, really don’t know a thing! But, I think you’ve done a great job and I adore the addition of rope bondage!
    Aurora x

  12. Wow. There is something very different, and thus very intriguing, about your photo. I love your discussion of both the original painting and your new creation. x

  13. Your photo is inspired! – in my humble opinion 😉

  14. There is something surreal and actually quite creepy about this…creepy is a good thing by the way!

  15. Oh, this is intriguing. A little creepy and a great idea! And thanks for alerting me to the new meme, I hadn’t noticed this had started! Xx

  16. Oh my god, I Fucking LOVE this! Bravo 👍💋
    And thank you for reminding me about Indigo’s BRILLIANT project x

  17. It is creepy…but in a very interesting way. It definitely reminds me of a dream state.

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