Sep 162017
Sinful Sunday

I love wax but it sure is messy, taken after I painted a tree on him

  20 Responses to “Making a Mess”

  1. Splatter art! Does it burn?

  2. What a gloriously messy mess


  3. So cool. I want to do wax art, but I never have enough colors.

  4. Stunning – I love wax <3 Looks like you had lots of fun x

  5. Fun! I haven’t played with wax in years.

  6. That is a lot of wax ao i am sure it was quite the mess.

  7. Wax it’s amazing! Love that you use that much you need a slow cooker for it 🙂

  8. Ooh, I did wax today too. It was my first time playing with it and I loved it! Those legs must have taken quite some time to do! Brilliant. Xx

  9. Love this! Sometimes it’s so nice to make a mess 🙂

    Rebel xox

  10. Ooh, a very pretty mess!

  11. Messy but so much fun! They are well and truly covered in wax lol!
    Aurora x

  12. Never yet done wax . . . but looks like fun!!!
    Xxx – ~K

  13. beautiful colours

  14. Love the color in this!

  15. The mess is what makes it such great fun!

  16. I do love messy fun!

  17. Nice thighs! Look good with wax! (And, no doubt, whacks.)

    Great photo!

  18. I love the messy abandon of this. I love that we can see your feet in the frame too, making us part of your fun night.

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