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Shelby Cross writes about calling RED, and the power and the feelings that it evokes. This is a huge fear of mine – that even though I call out my safeword, that he may see this as a failure, that I will see myself as a failure, when it isn’t.

Malin James discusses The Semantics of Sex, specifically the words “making love” and “fuck”. I will not use the words making love because of the emotional attachment and baggage associated to it, but my husband dislikes fucking specifically because it doesn’t seem emotional at all to him. Malin does a brilliant job of thinking of word choice and the connotations associated with it.

Perverted Imp writes about an impact scene that she didn’t ask for. I am a wimp at impact play and I still found this scene hot.

Jade A Waters writes a poem He’s Got Her and it echoes so sweetly with my own feelings towards my husband. A friend just told me that while observing our public scenes, it’s obvious he can play me like an instrument, and it’s a beautiful concert. It’s been a journey for us, but it is effortless in its own way, our trust and love in each other.

A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age writes about 11 things to do, and I love the advice! I can very much relate how when I was younger, I put more stock in his pleasure and my looks than I did just embracing myself and owning my sexuality with confidence.

CaraSutra writes “Pretty when I Cry“, and it’s so fucking hot. I read so much erotica that it’s unusual for it to reach me the same way that this has.

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out! I am honored to be in such esteemed company. xo

  2. Thank you so much for including “He’s Got Her”—this is a wonderful list of great reads, for sure. Honored! XX

  3. Thanks very much for the mention – I am very happy that you loved it!
    It was fun (and distracting) to write up..


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