“Mímer and Balder Consulting the Norns (1821-1822) by H. E. Freund” by Photograph by Bloodofox of a damaged work by H. E. Freund (1786-1840). – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

So I’ll introduce the man who I loved doing rope scenes with: Mimir.

No, this isn’t his name, nor is it even his Fetlife name.

He’s light eyes and hair. He is wise, educated, soft spoken, cautious, and a trusted person people go to for knowledge, advice, and play (he often helps the new people in his town). Mimir was said to be a: force behind the wisdom of past tradition and its indispensable value as a guide for present actions – Norse MythologyI feel that this applies to him.

He rises above the challenges of his body with kink (he is often in pain and has health issues).

He is incredibly sexy and a great friend. When I think of him, I remember foremost of how he smells – a clean scent I haven’t placed but that lingered on my skin and hair for hours after we played. Unhurriedly always comes to mind as well, as he is patient and methodical in his approach.

He was also very conscientious of my marriage, which made playing with a new person an easier transition. I stopped playing with him only because I moved all the way across country last minute immediately before my divorce, our goodbye no more than a text really, and one play session a few weeks later as I picked up the last of my things.

If ever I am in his area again, I will ask to play again – his rope scenes are simply magically and on a level that I’ve not experienced elsewhere.

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