Jun 192017

We laid in bed and snuggled in. It then that I realized my mouth, as it was inches from him. 

I shut it. Why did I forget my mouth? I could smell the sin on my own breath , surely he would be able to as well. 

Why was so careful to inspect and hide all the evidence of my cheating but my mouth still carried the scent? I should have brushed my teeth, of all the simple things that I simply overlooked!

It was glorious cheating for once, I relished and reveled in a different taste, though my body didn’t care for the experience.

But now that I was literally face to face with him, my lips were sealed, not just with the secret but to not slip proof of my weakness. 

And I realized, it wasn’t worth the risk.

The taste in my mouth became pungent and putrid, it laid on my tongue and made me victim rather than victor. What would he think of me if I were to expose myself as someone who succumbed? 

Hopefully if he pushed his tongue into my mouth to delve and taste, he would think it was a bad breath rather than bad form. But my breath, which gives me life and sustinence may now end something that I hold dear…

If nothing else, I would see, especially this close to his face, the disappointment rather than pride, the distrust.

The chili dogs weren’t worth it.

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  1. This made me smile 🙂

    Rebel xox

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