Mr. Texas

photo credit: Texas Bars via photopin (license)

photo credit: Texas Bars via photopin (license)

The first guy I dated after my divorce, and someone that I immediately began to see almost everyday. The biggest advantage to dating him is all our kids get along, so a babysitter isn’t necessary. Also, he almost immediately gave me a house key and had me moving things in, so his house became a second home to me as I transitioned into my new (single-ish?) life.

A good body, gorgeous eyes, soft patient manner, and the most vanilla sexual person I’ve ever met. He is always so serious and he claims I bring fun, laughter, and excitement into his life. He has a high sex drive and can’t keep his hands off of me. His home state gifted him with the Texas dialect and sayings, and his “ain’ts” drive me crazy. Despite not wanting to be involved with a military man again, he was military – and getting out soon so set off all the triggers my ex husband created.

Still, he accepts my noncommittal attitude while subtly pushing for more, and makes me feel beautiful, desired, loved at a time when I was pretty low. I found myself seeking him out almost as much as he sought me out – a rarity for me.

He supported me through my many reconciliations with my ex husband and the death of beloved sister. Not many people can show such patience and strength of character as he has.

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