Oct 242013

I was giddy and thrilled to be going. I even bought my first corset for the event. As soon as we got to the hotel room, the sisters monopolized the two bathrooms to get ready. A always does my hair and makeup if I want to look sexy (I don’t even know how to look sexy). Husband good-naturedly got us settled in, and then met our friend at the hotel lobby when he arrived so he could be shown to his room (that connected to ours) that we were currently monopolizing. Once both sisters were ready, we were starving. Fortunately, so was Stranded in Toronto and his girlfriend, and they graciously invited us to their dinner. Such great company!

And at least we knew two people that were going to be at the conference.

I hurriedly went back to the hotel after dinner, and changed from the traveling tank top ensemble to my corset. And then felt horribly nervous, as it my first time wearing it, and I was doing so in public. I rationed my jacket could always cover me if I was under dressed.

And I was relieved when I was introduced to Molly, and there she was in a corset as well! Her husband was the first to make me feel welcomed, and introduced me to everyone, or at least pointed out who they were.

I met so many people, most of whom I couldn’t remember any of their names.  A few stuck out that first night, like the gorgeous self-photographer, The Big Ugly. And head honcho of Kink of the Week, formerly Pieces of Jade, now Kink and Poly.

My sister was staying with charismatic Lord Raven and his lovely wife. He was also the blogger that my friend wanted to meet.

Who really stood out for me that night, however,  was Poetic Desires.  She has such an amazing energy about her, and warm welcoming spirit.

We all drank a bit too much, and the night was over before I really had time to take it all in.

The next day was the conference, and Molly provided the most insightful information that day to me. The most entertaining, and the one my husband whispered to me was going to be the greatest beforehand, was Gray Dancer.  He was a mesmerizing presenter, full of humor and antics up on stage. He also tailored his presentation to challenge writers. Ruby was wonderfully vivacious, and did an amazing job with the whole day.

Overall, I learned that we need a lot of changes to our blog. My friend went to conference with us to handle that, so I’ll just sit back and let him do the dirty work. I learned that I need to add more emotion into my sex. I gleaned many different perspectives of how to blog with real life, and about real life. And I learned more kink.


That night I didn’t have time to go to the hotel and change into something sexier. But I did manage to get tied up by Gray Dancer, amid regular restaurant goers who gave us weird looks. He was so patient as he instructed my husband and myself on how to tie, and at my sister’s insistence (though I had no idea what it was, if my sister said I could do it, I believed her) he graciously bound me in a reverse prayer.

And I did get a few pictures with the beautiful Penny, whom was my drinking partner and cohort in crime the rest of the night.  Drinking a bit too much again that night, this was a more relaxing melding of people, with more antics. This was where I really developed some relationships with people.

And Domsigns got me with his misery stick (that is on its way, because I still bear the marks from that night, a whole five days later, which reminds me of the wonderful weekend had). I love this tiny thing. Highly recommend it.

Brunch the next morning was sad, and wonderful. Saying goodbye to these new acquaintances was harder than I thought.

Oddly enough, I really didn’t see much of my sister during the weekend. But we did drive back for five hours, in which she was inspired and told me she wrote a ton of things in between our discussions.


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  1. I am glad you had a great time, It was truly a pleasure to have your sister stay with us. She was a delight as each morning it was like a fashion show as she graced our humble home with her wonderful taste in dress and bubbly personality.

    I love what you have done to the page. I had to do a double check t make sure I landed in the right spot. Very nice.

    Oh and hug you friend for me he was a true delight to meet as well.

  2. I’m envious of all those who got to attend the conference, even though I don’t blog anymore, some awesome people were in attendance. I’m glad you had so much fun.

    And yes M, you’re certainly one of the people I’d like to meet!

  3. It was wonderful to meet you and I am absolutely floored by the corset story. Honestly I would have guessed it was a regular part of your wardrobe. Not sure how hubby feels but if I got a vote it would be to pick up a few more.

  4. I am so glad I was your partner in crime Saturday night; I had a blast!! Let’s be honest, being tied up together/your spanking made my night. 😉 I hope we get to see each other again sometime in the not too distant future!

  5. OH! I didn’t realize Jade was from Kink of the Week– glad you clued me in on that!

  6. It was an honor meeting both of you…um…all four of you…we will have to do it again.


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