Dec 112015

He has asked me to take a video of myself. It pushed my limits (again…I’m noticing a trend). He gave me three days to complete the task. I procrastinated, trying to work up the nerve. After a day, without communication, he somehow just knew I would do this. He told me that if I didn’t complete the task, then I would have to do it live with him over the phone – a much worse prospect for me.

Then I got the text in the middle of day three.

Him: I keep checking my phone looking for a video. Time is ticking, which I will be happy about as well.

Me: Oh god I love you, evil man.

Him: The fun part of a live show is that I get more control over what is happening. Do this, touch that, take that off…I think I may be getting more excited about you not making the video.

Me: You’re making me squirm. I love you. Remember that when I turn mutinous.

Him: I will not stand for mutiny, nor will it go unpunished!

Me: You’re making me blush and laugh. No easy feat.

Him: This is why I love being with you. I make you happy and horny at the same time. That is the true meaning of meant for each other. It makes me happy to know that I can be myself and that is what does that to you. Now get to my video…or not.

*I sent him the video*

Him: I love the pressure of not getting it done and it being worse…thank you love. I loved it and can’t wait to use it tonight for my own pleasure.

Me: Thank you for saying that.

Him: I love the view I had when you first got into the bed but…you realized you could see yourself and laid back. I love your shy sexy self, you have this innocent thing, it is a nice turn on. It makes me feel special to know there are first or hard to do things.


This dialogue, I feel, matches the Christmas Erotica Prompt‘s song of Stop the Cavalry. We both wish we could be home in each other’s arms for so many holidays now, so we connect in as many ways as we can. He gave me this task, a tough one to tackle for me, and he reminded me of the time ticking by and the consequence if I didn’t succeed. Wish he was at home, but the video and his delight in it, will have to do for now.

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