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Originally posted on 4-26-14, edited since then.

Inspired by Girl on the Net, my best orgasms include the following:

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For me, foreplay is even better if there is anticipation of what’s to occur; I don’t want to know the details, as a matter of fact, I orgasm harder if I don’t know the play-by-play, however I’m already worked up when he tells me that he has plans for me, that I need to prepare/rest/make the time for a long session.

Words turn me on prior: words of how sexy I am, how used I will be, how I will sleep so good afterwards, how I will remember him for days. These aren’t words of love, though I like those too, they are promising words of darker things. During the actual physical acts of foreplay, words of praise (though I hate “good girl”), words of how I can handle it, words of “take it”, “you like that”, “cum for me”, “don’t you dare cum”, “you want to cum?”, “you are my fucktoy”, “stop fighting”, “I’m doing this”, “you feel so good”, “you’re so good”, “tighten”, “I’m cumming”, and such with a commanding desired-thick voice just fucking does it for me.

Power play of some sort is almost a requirement at this point in my life. I want control to be taken or fought for.  I want orgasms to be granted or denied, wrists pinned or bound, legs forced apart, a hand in my hair or around my throat.

I don’t need pain, though nowadays it is often a factor in sex. It can heighten my orgasms, quiet my mind so that I just feel what is being done to me. It is a shortcut to stronger orgasms, but those strong orgasms can occur with just time and multiples as well. Still, shortcuts or further sensitivity, mm.

I also don’t need toys, though just like the pain aspect, the more sensitive I get the harder I orgasm.

I orgasm best with both urgency and patience from my lover. An urgency to possess me, to do things to me (not with me), to make me cum again and again. Yet, patience to deny us what we both want, patience for multiple orgasms to be granted, for foreplay to be extended, for my body and mind to be completely consumed by the sensations of what is being done.


By the time fucking actually occurs, we are already breathless. The actual fucking itself can be foreplay – if it pauses for more foreplay or breaks and continues I orgasm that many more times, that much harder. And it is fucking that gives me my best orgasms, desperate or almost punishing hard strokes that rub mercilessly against me, that hit my walls uncaringly, that make me hurt while granting pleasure. I want him to push himself as deeply as he can, grip me roughly and grind even further.

I don’t want it to last long, as a matter of fact I joke that I have a 15 minute time limit of just sex before I need a break. The fucking needs to be intense so that our drenched sweat bodies simply cannot keep up that pace beyond a short amount of time, that he finds pleasure from the constant tempo or that he wants to do more things to me before fucking me again.

After play:

If he wants me to me orgasm in all sorts of unusual ways, after play is crucial. My body is dropped into a lull, where we are exhausted and resting for a bit. It very well may start with me, where my mouth or hands cannot resist exploring; most often he will touch me and my sounds or body will clue him in that it feels so good, far better than it should. My body by this point will be a mass of nerves and sensations that connect directly to muscles exhausted but still clenching from pleasure.

Foreplay, and possibly fucking, will occur all over again.

Unusual Orgasms: 

I’ve achieved orgasms in all sorts of unusual ways. It isn’t common, and it’s damn hard work and time on his part. They aren’t as satisfying as orgasms through penetration because they are so tension created, and often when I know we are truly done and I’ve had them, I will ask for a release at least through his fingers. But here are just a few ways that touch or sensations will create that clenching that brings about orgasms without penetration:

Nipples: this takes pain at the very tips but it will make me clench for long enough to orgasm.

Sheets: the billowy air as sheets are draped over me has made me cum, my skin reacting and my cunt clenching – though to be fair, it tends to occur when he realizes it and moves the sheets strategically across nipples and billows out the sheets a few times. A fan hitting me between my legs has done the same thing.

Spanking: if I’m truly mindless in pleasure, the tension that pain causes can bring about more orgasms.

Water: the feel as it slides, slips, or pushes against my skin is amazing after a long session. This has to occur in a shower or bath, of course, not just dripping water on me.

Breast compression/gripping: I don’t really care for this. My breasts are incredible sensitive to pressure and I hate the sore feeling afterwards, but it has happened and it was no less glorious. Still, something I will talk about afterwards as not wanting again.

Breast impact: both stinging or thumping impact have brought me to orgasm, however, just like the previous one, I don’t like it afterwards so much that I will stop it often before it occurs, and it won’t work often anyhow.

Neck: this is an erogenous zone for me which sadly isn’t used often enough. Even in foreplay before an orgasm, it makes me tighten and I feel goosebumps cover my skin; afterwards the tighten and the heightened skin sensations are just amazing – whether it’s just a tongue, a mouth, nibbling (I hate biting but that will work too).

His leg: Get me sensitive enough, and I almost unconscious rub myself to orgasm. So if his leg, or any other part of him slides between my drenched legs, I continue to movement until I orgasm.

Smacking my clit or lips: I don’t like clitoral stimulation until after penetrative orgasms anyhow, but afterwards, a bit of pain heats up and creates an awareness in such sensitive zones that the focus of nerves can push me to an orgasm.

Hand in my hair: yep, even excessive hair pulling has done this – though I believe only once.

Toilet: definite the oddest one, but after a long session, with my legs ready to give up on me but my husband carrying me into the bathroom for a shower, he set me down on the toilet lid while he warmed the water. The minute my lips hit the hard cold porcelain, I moaned. “Oh you’re coming from that,” he promised, knowing me all too well and how responsive my body was in that moment, and held me down as my body quivered and trembled against the cold surface.

So there you have it: a guideline to my best orgasms, and how to achieve the most unusual. As Girl on the Net discusses, you won’t find this in an article – it is what works uniquely for me, and it’s been an evolving thing as well – it wouldn’t have worked in the past and it may not even work in the future. I don’t know if I can create a simpler formula like she does, but I’ll try:

                   Anticipation + physically exhausting foreplay + hard fucking + afterplay = Best Orgasms (and how to go even further)

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  1. Oh those words, they are huge turns on for me too when they are whispered and growled into my ear.


  2. Opps and i got so lost in your post that I totally forgot to say this is fucking awesome image!


  3. Patience and urgency…yes! I had a bit of that last night, in fact. I’ve experienced a few unusual orgasms and they are mind blowing each time…even when they’re not as strong as clitoral or g-spot. 😀

  4. The way you orgasm is totally amazing, I have known women who cum from touching in area’s you would never think would get them off…one girl, I found, came from licking her behind her knee’s. I myself love to take time giving as many orgasms to my partner as I can. There have been times where my partner was so exhausted she didn’t have the strength to even think of me and my orgasm. I will never orgasm before a woman and love the pleasure of giving as many awesome ones as I can…

    Answer me through my email if you want to know some other of my cool secrets. I would love to make you cum…Your neck would never be discarded….:)

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