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“Sinful Sunday’s “Quote Me A Valentine” competition drew loads of quality entries, but our favourite was “Lucky” by Cammies on the Floor. SilverHubby is a retired veteran, and his service ended before we met. I don’t know how well I would have handled the separation. This picture is poignant and beautiful.”
From Rebel’sNotes, who likes our writing styles.
Cammies on the floor on Sinful Sunday

“I spent ages looking at this picture trying to decide if I liked it or not. It evokes a odd response in me in that I can’t seem to stop looking at it and yet it also makes me cringe with the thought of it. I find myself addicted. It is a beautiful shot, the symmetry and contrast of the white rope against her blush pink skin all works to well. Then there is the centre piece which I find myself staring at over and over again in some kinky obsessive manner. I want to know what this feels like and yet I don’t think I want to find out for myself.” – Molly’s Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup Top Five

Elust #43, #44, #45, #46*, #47, #48, #49, #50, #52  – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust].
Elust #46 *Top 3 Posts! Originally submitted for the Kink of the Week’s, it was a challenge to write because recalling such an amazing session took days to express: Tied and Blindfolded

This post Welcome Home wins March’s “Must Read” prize because “it caught me off guard and made me smile… a lot. Make sure you read it and, while you’re there, browse through the rest of the great posts there and subscribe.”  – Prowling With Kat

-Guest Post Jemima From Sinful Sunday
Cammies on the floor on Sinful Sunday“This picture makes me think of Marilyn Monroe’s early pictures, the curves and lighting of the 1950’s. What I like about it the most though is the turn of the head, as if cammies is almost asleep, relaxed despite the pose, totally in her element.”

We both joined “The race of 100 Orgasms” with some fellow bloggers in the middle of April. Neither of us won. However, it was great fun (c’mon, we’re talking orgasms here), and A made it more challenging by ensuring M couldn’t count her multiple orgasms. Orgasm Count

Cammies on the floor on sinful sundayMolly from Sinful Sunday commented: “A different perspective on the traditional lipstick on your collar idea. I have a seen a few versions of this over the years but I think this is definitely one of the best ones. The focus is perfectly done with the cock being the centre of attention but beneath there is a delicious hint of what might just have been, the snippet of chin in the top right hand corner, the hand and… well is that a pair of panties and could they be nearer to her knees than her bottom?”

Cammies On the floor on Sinful SundayAlso, Molly picked this picture for the top five, responding: “This is beautiful, it literally made me gasp and I felt my pussy twitch in response as I could image exactly what it feel like to have the wax wrap it’s heat around you. I love how the nipple seems to suggest anticipation. The depth, the lighting, the colours, the subject matter all combine to make an image that make me WANT to reach for the candles and ask to be decorated.” It was a picture M immediately declared her favorite as well!

The Describe your Orgasm contest was put on by the lovely Girl on the Net, and won! A lovely trophy was the prize with a thoughtful handwritten note. So here is mine.

Cammies On the Floor on Sinful Sunday“When I clicked on this link I think I gave an audible WOW! The combination of the two sets of hands, the red nails that contrast with the soft flesh tones all combined with a slight soft focus that seems to hint at movement have created a stunning portrait one that I would quite happily hang on a wall in my home.”Sinful Sunday

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  1. Congrats on 1 year of blogging!

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