Apr 182015

P is for Partial Suspension, for our A-Z Challenge

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  19 Responses to “P- Partial Suspension”

  1. Really nice! I’ve only had a taste of rope. I want more.

  2. *drools* God, I love suspensions even if they are a partial suspension!!

    This has such beauty in it from the suspension to the blindfold to even the wax. Oh my god!! *drools*

    xxx Miss July xxx

  3. This is so damn sexy! I love the pose and the rope work.

  4. This shot, to use a silly phrase, caused a err, stirring in the undergrowth. 😉

  5. I keep on scrolling back to the photo and each time I do, I see something new. It’s just a perfect photo!

    Rebel xox

  6. I love all your rope shots. This is another fantastic picture 🙂

  7. Amazing photography, as usual! This takes me out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to comment, because your work is incredible.

  8. Beautifully sensual, erotic, powerful and peaceful. This image for me evokes so many thoughts and feelings. It is an amazing image.

    Velvet x

  9. Wow, you look really fabulous. Amazing camera angle. Lovely textures which are brought out by the black and white.

  10. This one gives me so many wicked and potentially fun ideas!

  11. Oh my this is just wow! The angle of this shot is fucking amazing, looking down your body, is just so fucking sexy and you look so relaxed too


  12. Well, its a free country. Call me an old fuddie duddy, and I’m not that old. Just not my cup of tea. But hey ….

  13. Love the angle of this photo, looking up your body – and then spotting the wax (so to speak). Simply gorgeous!

    xx Dee

  14. Holy shit this is unbelievably beautiful. I’m speechless! So sensual, so strong, so everything.

  15. OMG . . . this is just SO arousing! I love rope . . . but this photo leaves me breathless!!!
    Xxx – K

  16. Very sweet! Very sexy!

  17. Really beautiful! The drips of wax tell a story and the angle is perfect.

  18. I love this!! What I would give to be in that position… 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  19. Sensory deprivation, rope/suspension, wax play – there’s a lot going on here. Such a beautiful, artistic shot, and of course it’s sexy as all hell too.

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