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I am immensely curious: what’s in your player pack?

When I first began the negotiations between Mimir and myself (though realistically the real negotiations happened between Mimir and my ex-husband on what makes me tick and the scenes I like), Mimir requested a few items be kept at his house, that he would put in a bag for just me (I wasn’t his only partner). When we broke it off because I was moving across country, he return my pack of items – including the bag I originally dropped off the items in.

I consider this a player pack, and for some reason I woke up this morning and thought of what items were in that bag (most of the bag is still intact). We would use far more items than what was in this pack, but it was a collection of things that were just between us (not to mention that he had a playlist as well tailored towards our scenes).

In our player pack was:

  • Rope for fluid bonding: he was the first one that made me conscious of that as my ex-husband and I never thought of it, he also suggested I provided it since I’m super picky about my rope and he knew it being my friend first;
  • Blindfold: he bought this and I began to appreciate how a blindfold fit my face just right – it’s cute pink satin with a blank outline of a wink and is still my go-to blindfold;
  • A glass dildo;
  • Wartenberg wheel: such an evil little thing;
  • A soft dildo attachment for the Hitachi wand;
  • Clothespins – though he had stuck them in there I don’t believe that we had used them yet – it may have been for future scene he was planning.

It made me curious about if I had to create a player pack currently – just a few go-to items, what would my current player packs look like (which of course would not include everything we play with, just what is most used)?

Mr. Texas does not have a bag since we live together, but if he had a player pack it would include:

  • a blindfold (the same one Mimir gave me as it’s my favorite);
  • a cane that is just between the two of us;
  • a crop I use on him more than the other way around (that The Wanderer bought me);
  • a vibrator is beginning to factor more in which I’m thrilled about.
  • Rope that I’m fluid bonded to, though I don’t think rope factors very much into our play,
  • the same with a particular knife that we agreed is just between us.
  • A new addition is a curry comb – such an interesting combination of sensations and uses I’m learning.
  • I’d like if an anal plug would become a bit more frequent as well.

The Wanderer is mostly out of my everywhere rope bag as we both meet while traveling:

  • so a blindfold – I have several to choose from – my favorite is purple leather, though I have a longer scarf length of silk that I purchase to also use with some rope suspensions;
  • my rope that I fluid bonded to since orgasm play tends to be a big part of our dynamic;
  • nipple clamps;
  • and then out of my usual rope bag is one of his evil belts and my vibrator.

Apparently, a blindfold is an absolute must for me – both as a top and as a bottom; not being able to see is so hot on both sides of the coin, the surprise of what is to come. I believe it will always be a go-to in any bag/dynamic for me.

Player packs don’t have to be very big, as with my two current partners their hands are the most used toys, but extra things that are used regularly – what would those be?

And now I’m immensely curious: what are in other people’s player packs?

If you feel comfortable enough – would you share with me?

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  1. I’d not considered fluid bonding as pertains to rope, though it makes sense.

    I have two regular sex partners. One is my husband and we live together, the other is a long-term long-distance lover who I see twice a year. I don’t have “packs” per se, not even for the ‘traveling’ relationship.

    At home we have a drawer, and the short list of go-to items I’d pack would be: cuffs (his – 2 pair, red suede), our two favorite cock rings, Icicle No. 18, Sliquid, Picobong vibe.

    For my long distance partner it would be: paracord (I can manipulate this better than rope), black blindfold, 3-pack nitrile cock rings, cuffs (his – black set of 4, with hogtie clasp), Sliquid, masturbation sleeve, mini vibe, strap-on harness, dildo.

  2. Evil belt? Lol i am laughing but have to wonder which is the most evil…just ao i know to always pack it

    • Any belt that I get carried away with to take off and then you show me why I should not be in a hurry to have a belt come off is an evil ploy and therefore an evil toy.

  3. We have a ton of stuff. I couldn’t even begin to list it all. Two suitcases full of rope and toys, plus a large drawer in my dresser and also a small bedside drawer.

  4. I love the idea of a player pack. And yes, a blindfold definitely seems to be a must for you. 🙂

  5. When I visit the Oasis as a solo player (even though I keep toys there) I bring: womaniser, glass dildo, tulip vibe (Downunder toys). I’ll probably bring these plus a new anal plug and vibe, blindfold and small flogger to UK in September. I want to buy some indigo coloured rope and cuffs in uk, along with lube, condoms etc. as needed.

    • Thank you for sharing. I’ve heard reference to the womanizer as a good thing but I haven’t tried it. I can totally get down on colored rope! Hope you take a picture and share when you get it

  6. We travel around constantly to do with our work so we have – what we call – a sex bag. It contains, dildos, a butt plug, rope, blindfold, handmade whip, sexy clothing – thats about it i think.
    Excuse my naivety but what is fluid bonding?

  7. I really like the idea of a ‘player pack’ and should actually sit down and think which items are important to me during a session, in other words, which items I would like to have in my personal player pack. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    Rebel xox

  8. We have a very large kink bag that comes with us when we go out to play at events. The blindfold is often in it but for odd reasons rarely comes out to play


  9. For short-term travel, it’s lube, a vibe, a cock ring, a butt plug, a blindfold, a couple lengths of rope, velcro restraints, and a crop and flogger if they fit in my larger bag! Blindfolds are a really important part of my play, too, as they make anticipation a completely different experience.

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