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It was the worst day she could remember in years. The ugly sky above pouring buckets on her head as she hurried to the subway merely seemed to reflect her mood. As she rushed through the puddles her knee suddenly buckled as she hit a particularly deep hole. She laid where she landed, stunned and breathless for a moment before rubbing her bruised posterior.

Suddenly a hand appeared before her and she looked up from tailored slacks and shiny shoes to a face that took her a moment to recognize. Her face heated into a blush when she realized that it was a man from her work, well her former work, seeing as she got canned just that morning. She reached up to take the proffered hand and tried to push her soaking skirts down. “Thanks” she mumbled, not making eye contact. Her mind swirled with shame, wondering if he’d heard about her unceremonious firing.

She heard a sigh right before “Listen, I think it’s bullshit they fired you for getting the wrong number for the Hanes account. If they were so worried about the deadline they should’ve called before the last minute.” His words, spoken with such firm assurance somehow seemed to lighten her spirits a little and she looked up. Good Lord, why hadn’t she noticed before how green this man’s eyes were? She’d always noticed he was handsome, but she suddenly felt her cheeks heating up with something other than embarrassment.

She had to tell herself to close her mouth. He smiled at her bemusement, tucked her hand in his arm, and started guiding her down the street. “Tell you what, why don’t you come with me, I’ll get you dried off, pour you a drink, let you relax a little then I’ll drive you home”. His words sounded like the best thing she’d heard in ages and she could only nod along and walk with him.

His car was mere feet away and soon she was shivering in its dark interior. He slide in the driver’s seat and concentrated on the wet roads. The drive was silent but strangely comfortable. She shifted in her seat and saw his eyes flick to the healthy amount of thigh she was showing, having not realized it had shifted when she got in. Having his eyes on her body for that tiny moment made her feel sexy. It made her want more. She shifted again, rubbing her thighs together and parting them ever so slightly. She steadily looked at his face and watched his eyes linger. It was now the road that was getting the fleeting glances.

He turned into a parking garage and parked in a place clearly reserved for him. They were here already. She suddenly couldn’t believe her boldness of a moment before, but decided not to care. Her life had changed on this strangest of days, but she decided the worry could wait. He helped her out of the car and once again tucked her hand into his arm after softly trailing his fingers down the length of it. She shivered. He smiled.

His apartment was plush, beautifully decorated, and overwhelmingly masculine. She was a bit taken aback to see the huge platform bed in an alcove. No separate rooms here. Her eyes stayed on the bed prompting him to comment “Do you like it? It was custom made for this space.” She looked back at his face, gazed at his lips, and did something she had never done in her life… She kissed him.

She grabbed his face and kissed him for all she was worth. His arms were strong as they slid around her and gripped her tight. She was beyond aroused and felt that he was too. His hardness against her heightened her own excitement and she was suddenly ready to rip off his clothes. Her fingers went to the buttons of his shirt as his mouth went to her neck. Shivers ran through her body, and her knees went weak. He pulled away and kissed her lightly on the forehead. He said “we need a drink” before pulling a bottle of wine from the fridge. She tried to steady her breath as he poured two glasses then handed her one. The wine was sweet and seemed to warm her blood immediately. She looked over her glass at him to see his frank admiration of her body outlined in her still wet dress.

She set her glass down and slowly peeled off the clinging garment, her eyes never leaving his. She slid her body against his seductively and reached to kiss him again. The sweet taste of the wine was still on their tongues as they explored each other’s mouths. He suddenly picked her up and her ass felt the cool marble of the island counter as he laid her on it. His mouth and his hands suddenly seemed to be everywhere and she felt like a buffet of nerves and sensation.

Her body was writhing with the rhythm of his movements and she wanted to beg him to fuck her. He grabbed the bottle of wine and removed the cork with his teeth before pouring the delicious liquid on her body. Section by section he poured then devoured, his tongue swirling on her heated skin. She was at a fever by the time his tongue swirled around her sex. His lips closed around her clit and he gently drew it into his mouth. Her hips bucked into his face and he had to wrap his free arm around her to keep her still.

She yanked and pulled at his hair trying to bring him to her mouth and, after what seemed like eternity, he finally complied. She kissed him hungrily, the taste of her mixed with the wine. She wrapped her legs tight around his waist. He finally put the wine on the counter and gripped her legs tight. He lifted her off the counter, spun them around, and slammed her against the wall right as his hard shaft entered her.

She screamed. She thought she might faint. She had never in her life been so worked up, so ready, that within a few thrusts she could feel her body tighten around him. “That’s right baby, squeeze me hard. Good girl.” His words fueled her further and her body continued to throb and squeeze him as her orgasm continued. He continued to rock into her, each thrust feeling just as good as the last. She could feel his arms tighten around her just before his head dropped to her forehead and he let out a rush of air. Inside of her she could feel him throbbing with his release. It had always been her favorite part of sex, feeling her partner finding his release inside of her, and the intensity of this orgasm was amazing.

She slid down his body, her legs unsteady as they touched the ground. Her head was swimming and she didn’t know if she could walk. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the massive platform where he placed her under the covers. She was suddenly exhausted and could feel her eyes drifting shut… a smile drifted across her lips as she had the thought “wasn’t there something I was supposed to worry about today? Oh well.”

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  1. Sounds like she needed to let go of some tension, and going home with him was the best way to do that, right? Love this story!

    Rebel xox

  2. Wine and sex- my 2 favorite things? So hot!

  3. Every cloud, and all that. 🙂 Hot story. Jane xxx

  4. This was deliciously hot to read. Best rain rescue ever – I’ve wished for this more than a few times!

    xx Dee

  5. Very naughty . . . and very arousing!!!
    Xxx – K

  6. Lose a job, but get laid… sounds fair. 😀

  7. Now that is one very hot story! Brilliant!

    ~Mia~ xx

  8. Fantastic story; I do love the erotic tension in your tales! 😉

  9. That was a really good story that could be the start of Chapter One. I would read the rest of the story when you write it. 🙂

  10. Beautiful, arousing and erotic. Hot sex on a rainy evening with an ‘almost stranger’… Damn!

    ~ Vista

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