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Sexy Searching is a monthly meme that concentrates on the searches that, sometimes understandably, sometimes bizarrely, lead visitors to your site. Over the last month, a very specific form of bondage has brought people to us. I’ve posted a few photos of gravity boot suspensions, so it’s not too bizarre people end up here.

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mutual wanking stories

blog3Gravity boot bondage looks similar to this. I’ve been in the gravity boot quite a bit, it makes my back and hips feel pretty good all stretched out. It’s a bit intensive on the feet and ankles at times, but not as much as I initially feared it would be (or what it looks like).

I was at a rope practice just a few days ago (rope practices aren’t scenes, they are learning opportunities and a lot of conversations)  and someone asked how to do a gravity boot.  The woman in charge asked to demonstrate on my foot; one thing led to another, and she asked if I could do a single suspension from a foot.

As my husband helped with the tie, she suddenly had an evil misery stick in her hand and was stinging the bottom of my foot and thighs with it until I was pulled up by just this tie on one ankle and suspended (picture a person hanging upside down by one ankle).

Initially, the rope pulls the center and inside of the foot, and the top of the foot really feels the weight of the body; then my ankle, leg, hip felt the pull of my body weight. They checked in with me. With my loose leg, ankle was tied back to my thigh, then leftover rope was used at my crotch (I had been making jokes that day about “happy knots” between the legs.

My arms were tied behind my back and my torso was wrapped a few times with the arms. In this position, my husband was tempted to grab a small vibrator we keep in the rope bag, so he did and placed it in with the crotch rope. I arched at the sensation and the vibrator moved off the sensitive placement, so he moved it back.

I groaned and was gagged with the fabric we use for a blindfold. I arched but couldn’t move the vibrator away. I shut my eyes and focused on breathing, on the vibration, on the pull of my leg, on the pressure of my foot. There were others in the room but my body needed my attention.

And then I was spun around from the suspension point (on a spinner). My face apparently turned red and she lifted my torso up so I wasn’t upside down anymore. My husband untied my foot and brought me down.

It may not have been a scene but it sure got my adrenaline going; sometimes practice turns into play, and I was thankful for the experience.

Not to mention, I felt like a bad-ass for being able to be in that suspension. A single gravity boot is pretty strenuous.

I just wish we would have taken a picture. I do, however, have a photo from my foot after the experience.

I have a lot of rope marks after a rope practice, the ones on my legs were from earlier


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