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“How do you want me?” I asked Mimir, as I always do before I undress and position myself to his instructions.

“Kneeling in front of me with underwear on.”

Underwear on? I thought we had moved into sexual play, and I was disappointed that panties were to remain on. No orgasms? I chided myself that it was silly to think I would get an orgasm every time, but dammit, I really liked orgasms.

It wasn’t long before I was on my stomach hogtied and blindfolded. His hands were gently caressing up and down my body when suddenly they yanked my underwear down. I gasped in surprise.

Well, that was unexpectedly sexy.

The flimsy fabric being forcibly removed from me made me feel all the more naked and unguarded. The small bit of lace was felt slowly stroking around my knees, up my calves, and hanging from my tied ankles, like a flag of surrender at the highest point of me.

Next, a wand on low and slow pressed between my legs. Mimir straddled my back and pulled my hair, forcing my head off of the ground. A cold metal knife sheath pressed against my throat, the intricately raised decorations on it scratched against the soft vulnerable skin. He let go of my hair and gravity tried to force my throat further upon the sheath, I held my head up, a bit of a strain. He grabbed the knife and yanked it out of the sheath, metal grating against metal not only felt against my throat but heard ringing in the quiet room, so much louder due to the close proximity of my ears. He pulled the sheath away and I collapsed my head onto the floor.

Can I even begin to describe how hot that was?

The knife traveled my body, exploring almost every inch of me throughout the scene. Cold steel would press flat against hot skin, the blade and tip delicately scratched and skimmed the areas that rope did not protect. Knife play is sensual to me, a pleasurable sensation versus a pain. Though, I know firsthand how much a cut can hurt, how much power a knife can wield, and the powerlessness of the knife against my bound form all the more served to create a head space that allowed for surrender.

Mimir rested the knife in the center of my back, the cold weight nestled between my spine and the ropes. He turned the wand on high, spread my knees as much as the rope would allow with ankles tied and pushed a frigid glass dildo slowly between my wet lips, easing it in, allowing me to adjust to the temperature and uncompromising hardness further and further into my depths. Just a small amount of movement and I was orgasming.

Pleasure time was apparently over as he set the wand on low, untied and readjusted my legs into futomomos – (ankle to thigh with rope wound around and around). This tie does not have to incorporate pain, but Mimir (and my husband) tie it very tightly, where the fibers of the rope bite into flesh and muscle that will leave dark deep marks and even bruising on the skin, muscles will feel where the strands dug into them. It is a constant hurt that, while in it, my body will always feel even as it accepts after a time.

The knife scratched into the bulges of exposed muscle and skin between the rope ridges on my legs – all the more sensitive amid the painful bite of the rope.

He turned the wand on high, straddled my back again, his weight forced my hips into the ground where it pressed my sex against the wand. His knees tightly hugged the sides of my ribs, his hand went to the back of my neck, the unforgiving handle end pressed into the center of my head and pushed my face into the ground. I don’t believe I have ever felt as bound or helpless as that. Every part of me was forced into the floor, bound or pressed so tightly. The wand continued to torment on a high level and I screamed my orgasm into the floor.

I would remember how helpless I felt,

how hard the handle felt against the back center of my head,

how forced the orgasm felt with his body, knife, and rope pressing me down,

and get excited all over again for days to come.

After my orgasm, he again rested the weighted knife on me as he untied wrists and tightly bound legs. He kept the ankles trussed still but stretched the legs straight and gently placed them on the floor. The muscles both protested and welcomed the contrast in position.To further stress the stretch, Mimir laid on top of me, his legs pressing mine straight, his body once again pressing mine into the floor where he moved the wand harder against me, my own clenched legs keeping it place. His fingers wrapped around my throat and his gutteral breath sounded in my ear. His other hand reached around to the front of my hip and gripped up, his own hips pressed down and it felt like sex.

The hand explored between my legs and pressed the wand even further against my desire, small circular patterns that my own hips mirrored, pressed down into the wand and firmly against his body, around and around small seductive patterns of my orgasm.

finger bruises fading

He rolled me onto my back, stretched out alongside me and pulled a soft fuzzy blanket up to keep me warm. I reached up and pulled off the blindfold, smiled drowsily at him. He tucked the ends of the blanket in around my chest, and then softly rubbed the cushiony fabric around my breasts. My nipples immediately perked up and welcomed the sensations, my cunt clenching from the recent sensitivity awakening all over again. Rubbing, so much tension, until I finally begged “please”.

He bent my knees and spread them, my ankles staying together due to the rope. He inserted the glass dildo and fucked me, his other hand reaching and clenching a breast through the blanket so tightly that it would leave finger bruises all around. My body needed little prodding and I arched up into his grip and down onto dildo. Shuddering and shaking as I came down, he moved alongside me to hold me.

*I believe that this picture was taken during the scene, though I may be wrong.

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  1. that is a hell of a story with that image…i love how you write…

  2. Wow, that was hot. I’m envious!

  3. Very, very, nice…..

  4. Woah. I love the anticipation you’ve build up in the story and the final release.

  5. There is something very hot about having your underwear torn from you…. and the finger bruise is fabulous


  6. I agree with Molly. Torn undies is HOT. I like how he kept you guessing. Really enjoyed this post.

  7. Aaaaaand I’ve melted into a damn puddle. Bondage is hot. Orgasms are hot. But knife play combined with all of it? You’re making me rethink my stance on knife play. Damn.

  8. Deliriously sexy! Loved reading this.

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