Dec 242015

A recent scene from Mimir inspired this post on senses. Add to the song prompt of Silent Night from Christmas Erotica Prompts, and here it is:

After hours of a scene, my mind was floating and my body humming.With all my senses so overwhelmed, some became more prominent at times…

…He had texted me to bring some music since I had joked about the silence last time, but with getting off of work and immediately heading to his place, I just didn’t have the time. We put on the radio, a rock station that had music that reminded me of my parents, an inconsistent tone for the scene, and commercial breaks. It was distracting at first, and then I began to not hear it as I escaped more into what he was doing to me.

…(My eyes have always been sensitive towards light. I don’t go out in the sun without sun glasses. I have a dimmed light on my nightstand and even the bathroom has a dim light for after sex. since afterwards I certainly am sensitive to light. So too am I when having an intense scene it seems.)  Above the tripod there was a ceiling light. It was bright. I kept my eyes shut. Sometimes I wondered if he thought it weird that I didn’t open them, even if he was close to my face or choking me. I didn’t watch him to see what he was doing. One or two peeks was enough to convince me that the light hurt my eyes. Even once I was untied, I rolled over onto my side and cuddled into him, burying my head in his shirt and hiding from the light for a bit longer. I really hope it was not off-putting for him.

…He straddled my body and leaned forward to untie my wrists. His shirt covered my face, his chest so warm even through the fabric, and I breathed in his scent. His unique clean smell. It enveloped and overwhelmed me, it was the only thing I could focus on – how good he smelled.

…Fight or flight instinct. After the scene, he commented how apparent my excitement is when anything is a “take down” move. Always prominent in my fantasies, amazing in real life, the minute the control is forcibly taken from me I enjoy myself so much more knowing that I can do nothing. This type of touch has always appealed to me.


*Merry Christmas Eve, lovelies!

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