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Jade inspired this post. A review and reflection of 2013, in using the first lines from our posts from the months gone by.


“Military men have this distasteful habit of sharing nude photos of women who they feel have done them wrong. ” –Make her Famous

When we first discussed blogging, it wasn’t sisters blogging that gave us a corner on the market, it was our love and/or lust with military men. There is something quite challenging about forming relationships with men who have their own culture, who fight for a living, who can disappear at a moment’s notice, whose boss doesn’t allow days off for anything (holidays, significant others’ surgeries, births, etc..). Not to mention the maturity level often dealt with in the military, where the average age is low 20s.


“Finally, one of us is revealed!” – Revealing

When we began blogging, anonymity was very important, we began becoming more comfortable and revealing a little bit more. Still, A, who was first to show a bit, is still the primary person seen. And now is a full-on exhibitionist at times.


“This kink response will differ vastly from my sister’s.” – Spanking Noob

Adding another meme under our belt, Kink of the Week, A was unavailable to write, so M took up the reins – the more vanilla of the sisters. What is great about this post is that it is truly the marking of the journey of actively exploring kink in this marriage.


” Twitter found my sister and I engaged in a humorous competition.Multiples Count Here

Growing, we added Twitter to our socializing, and that had us engaged in the Orgasm Count. Created by one of the most truly remarkably generous men, John D Stories, bloggers challenged themselves to see who could reach a set number of orgasms first. The bloggers involved discussed, teased, debated the rules – such as “do multiples count? (no)”; “masturbation? (yes)”; “issues with being single/solo”. It was fun, playful, something the sisters could participate in individually, and brought a few of us bloggers in our community a bit closer in the name of competitive curiosity. (Neither sister won.)


“Sometimes, when you’re single, or separated from your partner an easy way to spice up your day is mutual masturbation.” – Mutual Masturbation

This is the second most viewed post on our website, and it’s because it is the most searched for term that directs people to us. It not only reflects A’s single lifestyle, it speaks to anyone dating someone in the military where separations are par for the course (and let’s be honest, many couples, regardless of being in the military, have moments of separations). But then A takes a common experience into a darker place that is her eloquent flavor.


After reading Girl on the Net, I decided to take the complicated challenge of describing my orgasm.” – Description of my Orgasm

This is a good example of how we read or get involved in something, and try to challenge ourselves in our writing. M ended up winning this after a vote, and has a beautiful trophy for it. It was certainly a challenge, not just because it required a lot of thought on how to describe physically something that happens so quickly, but it normally takes a person somewhat away from thoughts.


” Sorry postings have been slimmer,” – Summer Motivation

Blogging isn’t always easy, and it does require time and dedication. This was a challenge for us, “A, being the playful, little single she is, isn’t the most consistent at blogging, though brilliant about articulating her adventures. As for me, summer is a time of travel, as the kids have off. It is also a time where my husband and I are most assuredly separated, whether by moving, deployments, or I leave him to visit family, etc..It just seems to work that way. So I don’t have a lot of sexy inspiration during the summer, being busy and focused on the kids and their agendas more,” -M. No doubt the upcoming summer will prove just as challenging.


 Cammies has a friend who has a piercing through his penis. He loves this piercing, and has nothing but positive things to say about it. Cammies thought it would be a great idea to incorporate this pride and love of an unusual piercing to a great project: The Penis Project. ” – Prince Albert Piercing

August’s post were meager, so why not incorporate some help and inspiration? Our first, and still only, guest writer. Being body and sex positive is important to both sisters, but they lack a penis, so what to do? Ask a friend to write! This is also a highly searched-for term, and hopefully those that come across this post learn and have some questions answered.

M’s husband has been asked, and hopefully will find the time, to also contribute to this project by discussing a vasectomy.


But it seems, there’s always some things people never talk about…. the “not as pretty” realities of sex” – The Things No One Tells You

Okay, not the first line, but the line that truly introduces the topic of the realities of sex. It isn’t always perfect, or pretty; it’s messy and complicated as well. People don’t discuss, nor write about, the not so grand parts of sex, but it’s important to discuss. A still plans on continuing this writing, as it is an important topic. Some inexperienced people may feel that they are odd, or not as sexy, if all they read are the perfect moments. Both sisters are attempting to write more of the blunders and strangeness, as well as the magnificence, of sexual moments.


“I was giddy and thrilled to be going.” – M’s Eroticon USA

Both sisters were fortunate enough to attend Eroticon USA. It was such a wonderful and positive experience to learn, to expand, to meet and discuss in person with so many bloggers. It also sparked M’s rope play with her husband, after Gray Dancer showed them how.


Our First Year of Blogging.

Okay, no first line, but the title says it all. We made it to the first year, and this post kept track of some of the more recognized moments of it (not to mention it’s picture heavy). One year! And it has been a crazy but wondrous ride. We are truly humbled and blessed by the experience, and the warm support of a small but mighty community.


” We made it!” – Top 100 Sex Bloggers

Not only did we make it to a year of blogging (which we realize many have dedicated far more time, but we still feel proud that we managed), but we made several lists in which we were recognized. They are:

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2013

Top 25 Sex Bloggers of 2013

Rebel’s Top 20 Blogs of ’13

Thank you for reading and supporting us in our adventures and growing as bloggers. And please, check out the lists – listed above – of other great bloggers, if you haven’t already. There are so many wonderful people to read and discover, and we are fortunate to among them.

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  1. Yay! I’m so glad you decided to do this…I don’t have time to go to each post now, but I will. I LOVE this way of showcasing the past year, and hearing your thoughts on each of the posts! 😀

    Happy happy New Year, and may the coming year be a wonderful one for both of you! 🙂

  2. This was a great post. I like the best of idea it gave me a an easy way to remember a few from along the way and see some I may have missed. Happy New Year.

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