Jan 282017
Sinful Sunday

I love the feel when rope bites into muscles and makes me utterly captivated. I love when it slowly slides off and leaves the trails of where it bit me as evidence to run my fingers gently over afterwards.

A scene from being tied and spread with The Wanderer.

  18 Responses to “Rope Bites”

  1. Beautiful warm and sexy image. Makes me wanton run my finger along those lines.

  2. My oh my, what marks and what a wonderful blog post (I followed your link). Beautiful thighs with beautiful rope marks

  3. Took my breath away.

  4. Yum *.* I think the marks left behind after rope is possibly my favourite. Stunning image captured beautifully x

  5. How would this affect someone with Fibromyalgia ? Neuropathy?

    • It’s very individual. You would need more awareness and excellent communication. But I do not have either, so cannot speak from personal experience

  6. What a beautiful job of conveying the details! We can almost feel the marks, ourselves! ~C

  7. I’ve never really done rope play but beautiful images like these make me long to be tied this tight.
    Or, of course, to tie someone this tight!

  8. Such beautiful legs and lovely marks.

  9. That’s just beautiful. The legs, the marks, and the photo!

  10. Gorgeous marks! I love rope marks…so fleeting, by while there, so touchable and yummy.

  11. Oh wow, they’re amazing rope bites. Gorgeous! Xx

  12. Those are some fabulous marks


  13. Yes – me too. The pain of the rope coming *off* is so nice! Beautiful marks – they make great texture for the picture!

  14. Oh yes! And I can’t resist running my fingers across those marks just to relive a little of that sensation.

  15. I just love beautiful marks!

    Rebel xox

  16. I can almost feel the texture on your skin. Really lovely photo of a lovely moment.

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