Sep 302013

M’s monthly favorites:

An excellent article on the clitoris. Many find it odd that I don’t prefer this stimulation, so I like it immensely. “It only functions within the context of that whole person, with their moods and morals and body image and emotional needs.” – The Dirty Normal

“You can live in a monogamous institution and you can negotiate monotony, or you can live in a non-monogamous choice and negotiate jealousy. Pick your evil” Esther Perel has been a woman I’ve been reading for awhile now, and yes, I know the article was published in August, but she attached it in September, so I’m counting it.

The Erotic Writer made me hold my breath in slow anticipation with the words sliding into me. My favorite line, “Your mouth is dry, and I am liquid.”

Girl on the Net discusses the need for fucking rather than the sweet desire for sex. I certainly feel this way from time to time in my marriage. It is the ultimate reset button, and she expresses her needs eloquently.

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  1. hard to beat those folks over at Erotic Writing. 🙂 I’m a huge fan girl. So glad you gave them a shout out. Happy October!


  2. Erotic WritERS…duh…why do I never proofread my comments before I hit publish? my bad!


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