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Sexy Searching
I’ll tackle the topic of sexting masturbation for this month’s #SexySearching, and of course it works quite well for #MasturbationMonday.

I can sext because I can write erotica (at least I certainly hope I can write erotica with this blog by now). What I cannot do is phone sex. I get shy verbalizing things, and when things begin to feel good to me (like masturbating while having phone sex), then I simply forget to talk and I start moaning with my pleasure instead.

With my husband and I frequently pulled apart over long distances and lengthy separations, this is one way that there is no pressure to communicate (we see the messages when we see them, so sleep and work schedules are not as big of a concern). I have a fantasy – I share it. He has an urge, he does the same. This actually began our courtship – we sexted all the time (of course, I was sexting a great deal with a lot of people, some of which were his friends as well).

I will masturbate to something particularly sexy, or to a video, that he’s sent but it’s rare. I don’t masturbate that frequently. He claims he masturbates to my pictures and videos all the time – I now wonder if he does the same to my sexy messages. Phone sex I will masturbate to because he’s telling me to, and he’s specific on what he wants me to do. I feel bad for him because it’s somewhat one-sided since I don’t talk much, but he apparently doesn’t mind at all, he still wants to hear me orgasm.

I’ll share some sexy texts from him, since this is a side I do not share often (I keep some of my favorites):

How I wish we could be laying together in bed, cuddling. Having me inside of you, the feel of closeness, the peak. [2011]

Wish we were together so we could have birthday sex tomorrow at least a few times. [2012]

(After a video) OMG! First words out of my mouth. You have to be the most beautiful woman ever. [2013]

We have done a lot and I intend to keep pushing your boundaries. I want to grab you by the neck, throw you on the bed, and have my way with you. I want to fuck you so hard. No ropes will be needed, I will tie you up with my words. I am intrigued by this whole deep throat thing right now, I am to the point I have thought about asking to push harder. [2014]

Thinking of you as I go to bed (posted a photo). I am thinking that when I first see you again of doing something simple like the fuck me rope. It is quick and easy and very effective. You will be bound and fucked in just a blink of an eye. Tied and slammed down on the bed, wrapped up, and fucked hard. [2015]

The majority of his texts are more of longing and love, however.

I have just seen the most gorgeous woman ever. She has it all: the smile, the curves, and the hour glass shape. She’s a cute little size and from the looks of it she has the personality to go with it, like someone you could sit and talk and laugh for hours together. She’s awesome in bed too. Hope there is a mirror around somewhere, just in case you aren’t near one I sent a picture. Love you lots, babe. Wish you were here. [2010]

If I had a wish like when you blow out candles for your birthday, my wish would be to be home with you, because it would solve so many other wishes I have. [2011]

I am sure you are already in bed. I am sorry I can’t be there for your time in need, and I am thankful that you do have good friends that can be. As nice as that may seem, it hurts me to knowing that it is not me there comforting you and holding you in your time of need. I fail in that part right now and with time and your blessing, I hope that we can be together always and finally have a relationship worthy of our love for one another. I love you so much. I hope tomorrow is a better day, sweet dreams and good night. [2012]

I go to bed alone, longing for the one that fills the hole in my heart, the one that is close but oh so far away. To say you mean a lot to me would be understatement. I love you and I cannot wait to be by your side. Sweet dreams, my love,  and may mine be grand and filled with the love we share and glimpse of what is to come. [2013]

I love you too babe. The time we spent together brought us closer and I loved having you so close. The time we spend apart strengthens our love that we have, but it also makes me miss you so much and all that you do for me. I am glad I have you, any lesser of a woman could not handle this. You are here for me through thick and thin, me being a pain. I love you, and can’t wait for all of us to be together again. [2014]

I love you because: your motivation, your wonderful outlook on life and the influence you have on others, and you making our life one big adventure. Loving you is like breathing – even though it is easy it is sometimes forgotten about, the moment you don’t have it, you start to wither away and life seems to fade. It’s easy to love such an awesome person; I never forget our love. Without you, my life is nothing. I can’t wait till you are by me again. [2015]

Anyhow, I’m missing him something fierce and there are days that I’m not coping well with it. I used to be better at this, now I just feel tired. I’m seeing him soon, and counting down the days. Meanwhile, these texts, the pictures and videos, the sound of his voice making my heart leap and trip along the telephone wires, these are still things to cherish and hold on to. And we’re expanding on how to stay close with the tasks that he gives me.

*How sad, I just realized that I can trace every single year that I started saving our communications (though some separations are only a few weeks versus the months that can occur).

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  5 Responses to “Sexting Searching”

  1. I have a hard time with vocalizing sexy things I get all tongue tied and shy…so sometimes I read biker hubby a sexy scene from a cheap tawdry romance novel…they are the best!

  2. It’s so hard to be separated. I can feel how much you miss him in your words. I hope you will be reunited soon.

  3. Ugh, I remember dealing with distance and separation, and sometimes all we had were our dirty, kinky sexts and him on the phone telling me how to touch myself. I’m not good at phone sex either – like you, I can write it all day long, but actually saying it out loud is much more difficult.

    I hope you’re together again soon. (((HUGS)))

  4. gosh, this reads so beautifull, and i feel the longing…

  5. I cannot imagine how you do it, to be separated from the one you love like you are. You are one strong woman, and those texts are absolutely wonderful!

    Rebel xox

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