Feb 102018
Sinful Sunday
February Photofest

  18 Responses to “Shipping Container”

  1. This is brilliant – love the settings and the colours fab!

  2. Now, this is one sexy shot.

  3. Great image! The look on her face… the knife… Love it.

    Rebel xox

  4. Wow! The colours are fantastic. Nice photo of the two of you.

  5. Oh, the colors in this are so vibrant! Is that a tree growing out of the top of the container? If so, what a neat combination of nature and industrialization. I was so busy looking at all the colors that I didn’t even notice the knife!

  6. I love this picture – the colours are amazing.

  7. The colours in this are amazing and that little flash of the knife at her throat is incredibly hot


  8. what a dynamic shot … the colours, the knife, the look on her face … there’s a story here!

  9. Wow! The look, the colour, the impression, the excitement! Wow.

  10. Amazing colours – really popping out of the shot

  11. Fantastic colours and a photo that needs no words xx

  12. I love how vibrant this shot is <3

  13. I love a bit of drama in a photo and this has certainly got that. Love the colours on the container . So much energy here. xx

  14. The eyes and the colors make this even more stunning.

  15. Gorgeous wild colours. This is a picture with such potential for story.

  16. The color story here is incredible! It’s a cool contrast to the tension of the subject.

  17. The vibrancy of the colours are amazing and that knife just adds a whole new edge!

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