Jan 052018
Sinful Sunday

I have had three flannels from an ex boyfriend since I was 15. They are cozy, amazing, comforting, large, warm. They are aging and frail by this point, with truly only one fully intact without holes. Still, when I wake up and roll out of bed, I slip into one. Anyone that has seen me in my home has seen me in a flannel (though I’ll also wear them out). I wear flannels so much, they’ve even been seen when I was told to wear my best outfit for a strip dance.  

  17 Responses to “Since 15”

  1. Flannel is awesome though. With decent memories attached, they’re even better

  2. I have a T-shirt that is about 25 years old and I agree, it’s all about the comfort.


  3. There is something so sexy about wearing a mans shirt


  4. Men’s shirts, plaid, and flannels = Awesome!

  5. I love to throw one of my OH’s shirts! I love the words attached to your image <3 x

  6. Still have old shirts and jumpers from my ex and my brother. Mmm bit of a weird message there. But its about the comfort of the fabric, the memories the love. And they are warm.National icon in Aus.

  7. This is great! It reminds me of the early nineties, and that puts a huge grin on my face. Also – swapping shirts with a partner is one of my favorite things, especially if it still smells like them. Impressive that you still have these shirts after such a long time! Sentimental value, or do you just really love wearing these ones in particular?

  8. Thats a fabulous shirt – I love them too 😉

  9. Definitely with you on the shirt. Great cleavage!

  10. For a while I couldn’t work out what you were referring to since a flannel is what I think you would call a facecloth here. Having said that I love the images of you in a checked shirt, since that is what a flannel is here, if you see what I mean!!

  11. Lovely image!
    I also have my ‘leisure stuff’ I put on immediately when I come from bed 🙂

    Rebel xox

  12. I love wearing anything that possesses my man especially jumpers and boxers:) I feel your love to the flannel 🙂

  13. I have to admit in general I dislike flanels but you in one is an exception to that rule.

    Of course naked is still better.

  14. I do love a cosy mans shirt to snuggle into.

  15. Men’s shirts are the best. Comfortable, comforting, warm and…SEXY. Great way to start the day!

  16. Lingerie is fine, but sometimes nothing is sexier than flannel pajamas or a black bra under a white tank top.

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