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FFF Prompt – Read My Lips

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Word Limit: 100
Word Bonus: +100 for every time you’ve had your heart broken.
Required Word: Truth
Forbidden Word: Love
Extra Credit: Tell us your Valentine’s Day plans!

She popped the disgusting, hard candy heart in her mouth and looked at her lover.

Six years and he was impressed that he finally got her something for Valentine’s. True, he did, but the disgusting candy hearts?

The truth was as hard to swallow as the candy. She was done.

Especially in light of finding the receipts of what he did for Mistress Day, discovering he even had someone on the side.

She needed to be that mistress, whom he appreciated and didn’t take for granted.

No, not his mistress, someone else’s. She couldn’t do this anymore. She was done.


***Heck yes, 100 words to the word! I’ve had my heart broken three times, so I could’ve taken the bonus words, but I liked the challenge, and the simplicity of the piece.

I used to break up with my boyfriends the day before Valentine’s because I didn’t want the stress of the holiday.

My husband and I don’t really celebrate this too much (for one, the odds of seeing him on any particular day with any regularity is rare as the military is his demanding Mistress).

One year he crafted a wood heart with our names and the date when we became official; I bought him a video game; quite appropriate for us both. That was the only Valentine’s we did anything, and I believe we didn’t actually see each other on that day.

This year I may see him the middle of the night (still works for me). He was very impressed he bought me something, and in advance. It’s in a bag, not well concealed, in the corner of our room, but I refuse to peek. I also bought him a few small practical things, and am attaching reasons why I love him to each one. Corny, but on those rough days at work, he can look at the little notes and know that there is someone at home that supports and appreciates him.

Sex is mandatory.

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  10 Responses to “Someone Else’s”

  1. V Day prep.–buy no Hallmark nothin’

    1) take grocery sack, cut dozen hearts, cut 12 RED hearts & glue and fold, insert comic strip cut out parts, all naughty
    2) write/insert silly poem
    3) buy red tulips day before big rush on V Day
    4) leave cluster of silly stuff and poem and flowers on Kitchen table

    V Day

    1) have all set up at K table when she wakes by 5:30am
    2) make coffee for her
    3) maybe get lucky b4 work; a must after work
    4) after work: she leans, grabs kitchen table as instructed, lifts dress, lick, spank, repeat

  2. your spam protection daunts me…MATH>>>OMG! hahaha!

    also…we are of two minds about this valentines stuff. I loved this. The terseness was filled with just enough detail to make it a very visual piece. Bravo!


  3. Sex is mandatory? When did that rule take effect? Why should VD be different than any other day?

    I like the practical gifts, I don’t buy flowers at VD prices, and when all is said and done I’d rather celebrate Arbor Day.

    I liked your story though, 100 well crafted words.

  4. Yeah the sayings are cute but the candy itself is yuck. Such a bittersweet story! But a good one! Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

  5. nice, hubby & i don’t really celebrate it either ~ its more meaningful when done without ads or commercialism ~ enjoyed this snippet ~

  6. enjoyed this one ~ hubby & i don’t really celebrate but once in a while we like surprises ~ have a good weekend ~

  7. So few words for such a powerful story. Micrifiction queen!

  8. Microfiction! Great!

  9. I never knew so many people hated the taste of those little sweetheart candies! 🙂

    I liked yours; short and (bitter)sweet. And a shout out to Mistress Day! Well done.

  10. It’s good to have a day to get out of the rut, look around and decide to stop! Great take. I adore the little notes… very sweet! So fun FFFing with you!

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