Oct 302017

“Do you like her sucking your cock?” his wife asked in the backseat as he drove us to my house. Somehow I always knew that she would be that cool with another woman. Another bonus: I was using my truck the way I intended it – center console moved up so it’s a bench seat and I could have my mouth comfortably on a man as he drives. She was asking him how it felt and he described it as I gave him road head, before we reached our destination and all headed to my big bed together.


“I taste you on your fingers. Were you touching yourself?” he whispered as he separated my thighs with his hips and drew my fingers deeply into his mouth. I blushed crimson into the dark room, though I’m pretty sure he didn’t need to see me to know that. “You taste so good.”


I had no choice but to be spread open and grinding myself on the bed, as the positioning of the rope around my ankles and thighs kept me low to the bed and spread open, and the chest harness wouldn’t allow for me to move any further up, but the grinding might have actually happened once he placed the vibrator in me. Still, the bound position kept me low and bent over.

“This position is perfect for anal,” and my heart thudded with the thought that anal sex was what he had in mind as he applied lube against me. Instead, the plug hurt in a pleasurable way as he slammed it into me.


“It’s amazing how much you’ll hurt yourself for an orgasm,” he sounded amazed, but by this point Mr. Texas knows how I can get under the right circumstances. He continued to draw the curry comb against my nipples – or rather keep it pressed up against them as I scratched them back and forth painfully riding him. I would feel my nipples sore for a week, but the price was worth the pleasure.


****All different scenarios and times. Wicked Wednesday

  14 Responses to “Somewhat Out of Context Phrases”

  1. I enjoyed this piece so much, snippets of memory.

  2. this good posting wooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww

  3. This is just so lovely….

  4. I love how these are different snippets and somehow they just belong together 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. quick and hot – the way i like it 😉

  6. “I taste you on your fingers” – UNF, so hot!

  7. Hard and hot! Works for me…

  8. Those are some hot vignettes – perhaps you’ll have more time later to flesh them out, perhaps? Or not! 🙂

  9. That quote – “I taste you on your fingers – were you touching yourself?” as teasing admonishment is ridiculously hot! Curry combs are a new addition to play for me – they’re fun!

  10. What sexy, hot little snippets of memory!

  11. I love snippets of memories, it is often little things from moments that we have shared that turn into wank fodder for me


  12. Oh my, such a lovely hot collection x x

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