Nov 042017

Time to share. I used to do this quite a bit, and now there’s a new need to share sexy things that I come across: silencing the sex blogging community however social media can.

Girl on the Net certainly doesn’t need to be shared- she reaches a broad audience, but still, her post about being On Top was great. I like how she talks about how the porn position is not something she signed up to look like and how even being on top is less about a woman’s pleasure in that position. Makes sense why it took me so long to get off on top myself.

Remittance Girl wrote a piece about how to navigate creeps or creepy comments as an erotic author. I like her views on this as they are similar to my own.

Livy Libertine writes about Coercive Rape, and this is the power behind being a sex blogger: it’s not just sexy all the time, it’s real and sometimes painful, but often educational. Coercive rape can feel traumatic as if it was physically forced and have all the baggage that goes with it. I’ve felt something similar but didn’t know how to define it, so chastised myself for being emotional and ridiculous.

Pieces of Jade made me cry. She is terrified to go Memory Lane, and I understand: it’s part of why I struggle on this blog now. This blog was MY SISTER and MY HUSBAND, I’ve lost them both – I lost them both officially within months of each other. My world hasn’t been the same. Thank you, Jade, for articulating some of the complicated emotions that go on.

Sexy Posts:

Tabitha Rayne writes a scene about bondage, waiting, and being cut out. So hot.

Two bloggers for the price of one: Life of Elliott writes about masturbating to a post he sees from a fellow blogger. It’s hot, it’s real, it’s real hot.

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  1. Thank you so much for adding my link to your round up, I’m so delighted you liked it x x

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