Apr 232016

T is for talking, for my A to Z Challenge, something I wish far more partners did with each other. There is something delicious in talking beforehand about plans and building anticipation, and talking afterwards and finding out what really worked.

The road trip friend and I have known each other for awhile, perhaps it is for this reason that I am getting specific feedback through communicating long after the fact. Some of my favorite texts from him (and we talked too, but I can look back on the texts):

I loved when you asked me to fuck you.

I loved making your body tremble.

I loved when I was stroking my cock and you were rubbing my nuts and under my nuts

I loved taking you from behind

…you making me cum in your mouth

I did really enjoy it

I love the way you felt

I loved being in your mouth

Really what I took away from this most of all is he liked fellatio from me. Noted if there will ever be a next time.

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