Nov 112017
Sinful Sundayshe’s tied up to a crumbling structure

  22 Responses to “Spying Her”

  1. Like a chameleon she catches our eye…

  2. oh interesting is she doing some exercises?

  3. That second shot especially … gorgeous

  4. These have a fun predatory feel to them.

  5. the second one is my favorite, love the focus.

  6. I love that second shot, the leaves frame her perfectly


  7. I completely agree, also love the second shot

  8. Ooh, I love the green hair.

  9. Yep second shot for me too. Love the shape of her bum and is she wearing boots? Green hair looks amazing!

  10. Love this! Really powerful shots, love having to really focus in to clearly see yet can’t miss you either! X

  11. That must have been so sexy to watch!

    Rebel xox

  12. That second photograph is especially stunning! Such a powerful shot!
    Aurora x

  13. Oh, these photos are an incredible turn-on.

  14. Oh! – I really like this! 🙂

    There is something spritely and voyeuristically innocent about the second photo. And I love the monochrome effect of multiple greens.

  15. I love the way the leaves frame the second shot. So voyeuristic!

  16. Really beautiful image x

  17. Wow . . . very intriguing. And I prefer the second image!!!
    Xxx – K

  18. Heck yes to voyeuristic nature shots! I love how she’s so camouflaged in the first shot and then comes into focus in the second. Looks like a great day!

  19. Great shots. Fabulous hair. Xx

  20. The second shot is absolutely stunning, I love the voyeuristic feel.

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