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Squirting is a sexual hangup on mine; my very first hangup since becoming sexual active and it happened less than ten years ago. It also occurred with my ex-husband. The first time he made me squirt, he lifted his hand and smelled it. It wasn’t a sexy smelling he was doing, he was checking to see if I peed myself. Since I had never done this before to my awareness*, the sensation certainly felt like I  had. When I saw his hand lift to his nose, it was a horror-movie-moment of slow-motion what-is he-going-to-find? I immediately excused myself and went into the bathroom and cried, mortified and embarrassed. The sexy moment between us had come to a screeching halt and I wished I could have just vanished. The talk afterwards didn’t go well, then, either (once he finally coaxed me out of the bathroom). While we communicated openly and honestly, we just fumbled and stuck our foot in our mouth.

I hated squirting.

Because of that first experience and the fact that he could make me squirt with such ridiculous ease, we compromised that he never sniffed and eventually we settled to only in the shower.

When I squirt, I will cover an entire wrist and leave a pool of my desire dripping onto the sheets or an arm; there has to be enough pressure applied with a vibe or fingers – which curl just the right way inside of me (so far fingering and a vibrator are the only ways that have made me squirt). I dislike the mess outside of a shower, to be honest. Sheet and mattress pad have to be washed, odds are I’ll have to shower – something I don’t feel the urge to do outside most sexual acts but squirting covers so much of my lower half I may as well at least rinse off.

Once, I was able to do this myself with a vibrator.  Feeling the urge to masturbate, I grabbed my vibrator, and without any warm up, forced it through my dry entrance, slowly eased it in, pulled out and smeared my juices inside around my lips. Then I thrusted my vibrating toy in and out, hard, rough, frenzied. I heard my orgasm, the wetness slapping against the vibrator; felt the tension then liquid hitting my hand, little splatterings that surprised me. In that moment I was proud I had accomplished such a feat.

Once, Mr. Texas ordered me to make myself squirt – something my ex-husband accomplished over a video chat once, ordering:

“Harder,” he would urge, “really fuck yourself,” and, “you can go deeper… you won’t be allowed to cum unless you really give it your best effort,” finally followed by the order, “cum”…The sound traveled across miles, from one receiver to another, and hit my body like thunder. I squirted, my fingers and wrist coated from the force, the bottom of my lingerie and the bed catching the drops of the tensioned storm because he knew how to make me do it-even to myself. – My Punishment

I tried for Mr. Texas, but I immediately felt like crying over such an order – I really don’t know how to do it, nor do I even want to (hence why my ex made me- it was a punishment). Truly, what is most frustrating at times is when a partner reads about experiences I’ve had and believes that the dynamics, actions, experiences can happen again. Squirting is elusive now, something that I do not mind in the slightest.

Nowadays, Mr. Texas has gotten me close, and perhaps even achieved this, though I do have a defense mechanism that is instinctively for whatever reason: I hit. I’m sure I did this with my ex-husband but he never paid any heed if I hit him; Mr. Texas stopped immediately, concerned. We’ve talked about why I do this, and so most of the time he still proceeds or even pins down my arm (surprisingly I only instinctively hit with my right, never my left), but squirting orgasms have to be forced from me, and with my own resistance towards them it becomes even more challenging to create this orgasm.

Thankfully, I have so many more less frustrating orgasms, easier to obtain, in such a variety of ways; I’m not sure why squirting orgasms are even desired by a partner. I don’t hate squirting anymore but I can’t claim to like it either.

*I can recall drenching a bed from just fingering and multiple orgasms before my ex-husband, but due to the nature of the multiple orgasms didn’t have the time or the brain power to reflect upon the oddities of the orgasms. I believe that this was my first experience with squirting, about a year prior to meeting my ex-husband.

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  1. This: “Truly, what is most frustrating at times is when a partner reads about experiences I’ve had and believes that the dynamics, actions, experiences can happen again.” struck a chord with me in terms of conversations with new partners about prior sexual experiences with other partners. It’s hard to make new partners understand that you don’t necessarily *want* the same experiences with them that you’ve had with other people.

  2. I see where you’re coming from (pun intended), but I still love squirting, even if cleaning the sheets everyday is necessary. xoxoxo ~ Lola

  3. It’s amazing what our minds associate as good, bad, pleasurable, or not based on reactions from the ones who matter most. People tend to hold squirting in some high esteem – like it’s a thing to be achieved for a power-up in a game. I am a squirter and I mostly enjoy it (except when I’m annoyed about sheets and blankets) but if I’d had a similar experience, I could easily imagine it feeling different to me than it does right now. I don’t want anyone to hate what their body naturally does but I also think that you should get to focus on the stuff you DO enjoy and not even have to think about squirting – pretending it doesn’t exist. ((HUGS))

  4. Guilt associated activity? Maybe I’m projecting, but it seems like something that has bad feelings attached to it so it can never feel right again. Regardless, I understand so many of the emotions in this.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. It’s fascinating and eye opening. I suppose I had always considered it to be a straightforward Good Thing. Like a big orgasm, right? I had no idea it was so complex or potentially problematic. It’s a real education for me.

  6. I remember thinking it was pee the first time I squirted. There is always still a dark thought that makes me try to think it is, even though I know it’s not. I have always had mixed feelings about it, though for the most part I am proud to admit to being a squirter.

  7. Oh I can certainly see how that gesture of smelling his fingers would have caused you to feel that way.


  8. I can understand that. When it first happened my partner thought I may’ve pee’d too but it didn’t phase him. He soon realised that wasn’t the case and reassured me. I knew it wasn’t pee, the sensation was completely different for starters and it looks totally different too.

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