Oct 252014

I can’t decide which of the two I like more. Different positions and coloring, and still can’t decide. Which one do you think?


stockings 024


stockings 022


















Sinful Sunday

  25 Responses to “SS Indecision with Penetration”

  1. Both are beautiful. The color is a bit more alluring though! Nice!!!!

  2. Great pics. Great position. I like the color one better, I think. Those stocking are sexy too.

  3. Lovely pics. I can almost feel that cock inside me

    Katie xx

  4. I too like the first one best ~ Nice sexy position ~

  5. The black and white picture is the one for me.

  6. I have to be honest, both are excellent, and so damn hot too! I personally love images where the cock is just nestling in there, for me it’s about capturing the moment just before he sinks in deeper, and the anticipation of that feeling……so yeah, I can;t decide, both are amazing images


  7. Oh my favorite definitely is the B&W … very sexy!

    Rebel xox

  8. Both are beautiful, I have a soft spot for black and white though as I think it deals with those hidden places and shadows more starkly. A wonderful pair of photographs, thank you for sharing.

  9. They are both beautiful for different reasons… The colour shot makes me twitch with need for cock, seeing it pushing into you is seriously hot, however in the black and white that is a little more subtle but the contrast of the black of your stockings against the white of your flesh is breathtaking and I also like this one because we can see more of him and the positioning between your two bodies.


  10. These are both lovely! I love the warmth of the color one, but the moodiness of the black and white really gets me.

  11. I love them both, but the colour one wins me over. They’re both really very hot.

  12. They are both stunning but the colour one provokes a much stronger response in me. Very sexy.

  13. The color photo brings out the details. It brings me in. I love it.

  14. Actually . . . I prefer the black and white. Just something about your net and lace . . . and his positioning!
    Love it!!!

  15. I love them both for different reasons, the contrast of the stockings in the B&W is superb but the colour one just makes me almost feel the cock sliding into me.

  16. I can’t believe the discussion is about color v. BW when they are both so wonderfully erotic and personal. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment.

  17. I prefer the top image because of its color & composition & angle…and wow, it is HOT!!!

  18. Both such sexy images – do I have to choose?

  19. I love the different tones in the first image but both are fabulous. Jane xxx

  20. These are both so very very gorgeous. I really like the colour tones – but I like the position/angle of the black and white image better 🙂

    xx Dee

  21. a just barely penetration is so hot, and makes m,e want it so bad! great shots and angles!

  22. They’re both gorgeous. I think I lean more toward the B&W one for artistic reasons 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  23. I can’t choose. I thought this was going to be a simple color-or-B&W choice, which would admittedly have been hard*, but the two different shots each seem to tell a different story. Both are revealing and sexy in their own way, and as such they make picking a favorite pretty much impossible. Sorry, wish I could’ve been more helpful than that.

    *much like my cock.

  24. For me, the colour version conveys the heat of the act more and I love the contrast in colour between his cock and you

  25. The Black and White seems real and very sexy, naughty, and hot

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