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I made a list of things to do in my domination. So far he had prepared the massage wax for later, tied the straps to the posts and shortened them to bind himself, found our blindfold, fingered me to an orgasm, edged himself (fucking hot and challenging for him), and had sex with me – bringing me to three orgasms but ordered not to cum himself.

When the list said it was time to be tied up, he touched me and was punished.

Strapped back in, I commented how nice and relaxed I was, how I needed to cum. He agreed good naturedly. After placing the blindfold, I kissed his body, always with a teasing sensation rather than for any real pleasure. I straddled and put just the tip inside of me, saw his sexy smile, slowly slid down, slowly slid up, stopped at the tip and bounced with him right at my entrance for a minute, and then slid off of him and straddled his face.

He licked and sucked while I rode his face. I stopped him before it became too pleasurable for me – I didn’t need to be distracted.

Then the knife came out. Up and down, glided across his smooth skin, cold against his neck, scratched across his nipple, traveled over thighs and then ever so gently around his sex. My mouth would occasionally wander to where his skin was coldest from the blade to warm him up and give him the contrast. His noises showed his appreciation and shock at the temperature play.

I put the knife back in the ice bucket and put on a glove. Kissed his shaft as I put on lube, I carefully inserted first one and then two fingers into his anus. I watched his face. I checked in with him to make sure I had enough lubrication – we are both so inexperienced at anal play still. Then I grabbed the glass dildo out of the ice and rubbed it across his neck. His sharp intake of breath made me smile. Continuing to finger him, I slid the freezing glass across his body, took delight in seeing him fighting against the urge to shiver as it traveled up the inside of his thighs. When I moved it in between his cheeks, I paused to use more lubrication and then slowly – always watching his face for comfort – inserted the cold implement.

Once it was all the way in, and he was more comfortable with both the temperature and the size, he commented, “who would put something like that in ice first?”

I laughed. “Only someone truly cruel,” I answered, thinking to how often he did that to me.

I kissed his body while moving the glass in and out at a slow, cautious pace. After a bit, I stopped. “One of the last tasks,” I stated, untying him and removing the blindfold. “Put me in the strap stuff.”

He stood up next to me and helped me slip into the harness and inserted the bulb of the dildo into my body. As he was making sure the straps were tight, I kissed his neck and bit playfully. When he stood back up, I marveled at how tall he was, how handsome.

Then told him to lay back down with a pillow and towel under his hips. He obeyed, and slowly I inserted the large dildo into him. I leaned down to kiss him when it was fully in, knew he liked tender moments during sex, then leaned up and began thrusting my hips back and forth, took the dildo almost out and then back in with a rhythm that I liked. He began stroking himself and came almost immediately, great white droplets on his hand, his stomach and chest, even the pillow under his head. He climaxes so hard from being pegged, that part is so sexy to me.

I slowed my movements to a stop, then withdrew from his body. “Go clean yourself, and then lay back down.” He listened, and while he was in the bathroom I discarded the strap on gear, stripped the towel and replaced it with another along the side of the bed. When he came back in, I patted the bed where the towel was laying. Though he didn’t need aftercare, and I applied no pain element since he dislikes it, I poured massage wax over his back and thighs and gave him a massage – which I washed off in the shower we took afterwards. Another element to show him how much I appreciated him.

The whole thing lasted two hours, as I wanted to make sure that I covered a wide range of sensations and varying degrees of domination and love. While we ate lunch that I prepared afterwards, he commented that he liked it, that he appreciated being the center of attention and focus of sensations for so long. It’s the most specific he has ever been – I am grateful for the feedback and not feeling like a failure yet again.

In writing about the experience, I find it dry and matter of fact. This is perhaps because I was matter of fact in my approach, that because I was truly so focused on him that I didn’t allow myself to think or even feel much during the experience. I had very little sensations to describe. And I was nervous in trying to give him what he wanted but couldn’t voice.  Sadly I feel that I will always maintain this type of distance from the experience, but I am thrilled that he loved what I did, and less reluctant to try again now.

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  1. I recognize the ‘matter of fact’ feeling while writing about the experience. I have that too, but somehow the feeling comes across, just as it came across when reading this experience. Hot and sexy!

    Rebel xox

  2. I find all female domination and pegging to be hot! 😉

  3. This is so good. Truly wish I’d been there.

  4. arousing story

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