Nov 262015

I want a show with what you think is your best outfit with your sexiest stuff on underneath. You can make it a few video clips, but I want a full strip show and a pleasing once fully stripped. I want you in full view all the time, none of this laying back stuff.

A challenging request, as I don’t do a strip tease. Also, I get a bit shy, so no laying back and hiding myself while he watches me please myself…a challenge. How was I going to manage?

…perhaps with a bit of rebellion, as is my way at times.

I knew his request meant to wear a sexy outfit, like a dress. But he used the words “best outfit” and in my humble opinion life got no better than a soft flannel and pajama pants.

…Yep, that’ll do it.

Now, he was specific with “sexy stuff on underneath” so I went with a purple color theme with purple flannel and purple silk lingerie on underneath. And of course, to appease him despite my rebellion, I added his favorite stockings.

He loved the video and song choice (I had just heard it that day) though at first he argued over the clothing choice. When I pointed out his wording and my thought process, he said that he learned a lesson and it wouldn’t happen again. And just like I thought, he chuckled good-naturedly over it.

After all, I am a brat at times because he occasionally likes the antics.











His favorite parts are the flannel off the shoulder and a hip bump in tune to the music.

As for the pleasing part of the video, that’s for his eyes. I did keep on the stockings for him.

He did write to me in the middle of the night:

That video got me off so nicely! You did wonderful in that video, I cannot tell your nerves are going crazy. This video is smooth, sexy, and satisfying! I cannot wait for more from you, when you get more comfortable…I love you so much and I am so proud of your brave self and sending me these wonderful videos.

*All photos were taken from the video on pause. They are unedited.

  6 Responses to “Strip Dance”

  1. Fantastic! What was the song choice?

  2. Gotta love a strip tease from a sexy woman!

  3. A great striptease! Love the lingerie 🙂

    Rebel xox

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