Nov 202016

After seeing the body of my sister, I was desperate to be held, to be fucked, to forget for at least moments the day’s events. I texted a friend, David, who was moving away from the area, inquiring if he was still in town. He replied he was until the following day.

Me: Come fuck me

Me after another minute: Or drink with me

Him: Sounds fun

The issue is that he was moving stuff into a truck until later that night. Hours after that text, my friends came by and kidnapped me to give me a break from being around the sadness. (I love my friends in this town, and I don’t have close to that support system in my hometown; I’m sorry I moved away.)

They presented the event they were taking me to (an hour away) as a kink event. A lot of our friends were performing at a public club geared towards a Halloween theme. I questioned if I needed to be vetted, they stated it was public, I questioned the kink friendly atmosphere versus just letting kinky people come in to perform. Honestly, they answered as well as they could, having never been there.

I texted David and told him I was now an hour away and going to this event. I invited him to join when or if he could, but told him I understood if he didn’t want – he had had a long day. He stated that he would try to make it.

My friends and I arrived, and it ended up being a swinger’s club. It was my first time walking into one; I was impressed with how the rooms were set up, some of them a bit geared towards some kinks like a spanking bench. Their main room was impressive, more like a club atmosphere with tables and booths set up around the edges and next to the kitchen. In what would be the dance floor, that’s where the performances were.

Two of my friends performed a rope and whipping scene where she was “killed” in the end. It was hard to see the whip marks gracing her body in the dimmer light (of course I saw them later when I was talking to her) but it was such an excellent show.

David texted that he was there in between the shows, so I met him at the front counter, since I claimed he was my boyfriend for cheaper pricing. We walked back to the booths where he held me and kissed on my neck in between socializing.

Four of my friends performed next and it was a dramatic rope suspension scene set to religious themes with candle wax being dripped as well. Again, I was so impressed with my friends, and grateful that so far I knew everyone performing and had a large group of friends to sit with as audience as well.

Next up were two friends who performed a crazy doctor patient scene – this scene had a lot of humor. She was wheeled out in a wheelchair wearing a straitjacket and he put a large locking case over her head – just looking at it made it feel claustrophobic. He took various medical instruments to her, even spreading her out and using a speculum. The show ended with the song dick in a box, in which he hilariously dropped his pants and sure enough, his member was covered with similar looking locking case.

I was grateful for the performances, as I was enthralled by all the performances, and even found myself laughing – something I desperately needed after such a long few days. I was also so proud of my friends and how well they performed. I was passed around and cuddled with a few friends as we watched the shows – have I mentioned enough how much I miss these people? There’s something that I found in this area that I’m just not finding in my new state.

When our friends were done performing, a beautiful woman friend pulled me into one of the bedrooms and we changed the sheets, and then cuddled on the bed with David, with various other friends rotating in and out of our cuddle pile that averaged six people. Even one of the club’s members joined in, not knowing our close knit kinky group; he was very respectful in requesting to participate.

Eventually we had to give up the bed, but being close to friends and so supported, knowing I could talk about my sister if I wanted to (I didn’t) but sharing in stories and laughter was very therapeutic to me.

After our cuddle pile, I headed to the dance floor and danced with a few of my friends. As David made his rounds to the people and eventually joined me on the dance floor, I told him I was tired and ready for us to leave.

So we said our goodbyes in the main room and headed down the hallways. He suddenly veered me into a room without a door where porn was playing the whole night.

I guessed we weren’t leaving quite yet

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