Nov 292016

After I had sex in front of strange men and then left to clean up, I came back to the porn room in the swinger’s club and talked with some female friends sitting and chatting with David as he cleaned and sanitized the room. They expressed they were sad they missed the show we obviously gave, then mentioned how they had tried the sybian in the next room, inquired if I had tried the machine. I was already overcome with shyness and not talking much by this point, not to mention that was I was very tired from the day’s events, so didn’t do much more than shake my head. When I expressed that I had not but I was curious to try, David took my hand and steered me towards that room.

Yes, I was tired, and incredibly shy, but I was so very curious, and really my curiosity almost always wins.

He went to the front desk and got the “box of cocks” for the machine, and the front lady sat in the room and explained things about the machine before leaving the room. I picked what she said was a favorite dildo for many, and then David took the control. I asked him to shut the door, as I had a feeling he would have preferred it open to give an audience a show again.

He shut the door and told me to get fully naked. As I was undressing, he played with the controls and figured out how the machine worked. I slipped a condom over the dildo and straddled the machine, leaning forward the way the lady advised.

David started very slowly and I didn’t really get a lot out of it. At about fifty percent power, it felt good, but I had just had multiple orgasms, so a lot felt good. On stronger, it did give me an orgasm, but again – that was only because I had just multipled. The machine on its own would not give me my first orgasm, as it vibrates more than penetrates, and I prefer thrusting.

Once I stated I was done, David announced he was going to try a smaller attachment. I was super excited that he was going to try it too. While I removed my attachment and cleaned it, David undressed and then used a lot of lube and a condom. It took him a minute to get comfortable with it being inserted anally. I sat in a chair with the controls, watching his magnificent bottom and thighs tense and move as he adjusted himself. Once he was ready, I started slow, the same way he did. I noticed he liked the insertable moving more than the vibrations so focused on that power for a bit, paying close attention to his magnificent body language and his noises.

He told me to come around towards the front of him when the power was about at fifty percent. I took his erect cock in my mouth and used suction until he was at the back of my throat, stroking what was left of his shaft with my hand. He moaned, and I turned up the power and then set the control down next to me, using my other hand to caress his testicles as my tongue, lips, and hand stroked the rest of him. Every so often I would turn up the power until he was eventually at full power. His hand went to the back of my head and he grunted for me to keep it up and drain him dry. My fingertips felt the tension in his balls, the throbbing in my hand, his powerful release hitting the back of my throat so hard my tongue didn’t even have a chance to taste it. He held me there as long as his orgasm lasted, making the hottest sounds of satisfaction above my head.

I made sure I did truly suck him dry and then slowly dialed back all the power. I expressed how hot I found that.

I love when a man orgasms, when he finds his release with me in some regard, when he verbalizes and his body shows just how good it feels. It’s been my limited experience that men tend to orgasm so much harder with anal stimulation as well. And while anally stimulating men is not a fetish of mine, I absolutely adore being witness to a hard orgasm.

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  1. So yummy!!! All the love….

  2. I have always been intrigued by a Sybian, but also about fucking machines. Reading this makes me think I would rather try a fucking machine than a Sybian 😉

    Damn hot how you sucked him to his climax!

    Rebel xox

    • I think you would like the fucking machine if you like penetration, as the sybian is more for outside stimulation (at least based on my one time)

  3. Thanks for the unbiased ‘review’ since I was under the impression Sybian were guaranteed orgasm providers (and Level 10 at that). But then the only time I’ve seen them in use is by pornstars so maybe the manufacturer had a hand in producing those video clips?
    The idea of anal play (receiving) doesn’t phase me, but every experiment in that direction has been unpleasant/painful for me. Which is what women say about receiving too, until someone does it right. 😉

  4. Exciting To Know Men as Well As Women Can Experience The Sybian! Your Description Of Blowing Your Man To Completion Was Very Enjoyable! It Was Surprising You Did Not Have An Intense Orgasm Even Though You Had Already Cum! Interesting! Thanks For Your Experience In Writing!

  5. This is REALLY fucking hot… so envious of your Sybian experience! x

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