Nov 232014

A long long time ago… well actually 2 years exactly, I was visiting M for Thanksgiving. She pulled me over to the computer and showed me a bunch of sex blogs she had been reading.


My family has always been open about sex. It’s one thing that makes us unique to a lot of people we know. Our mother raised us to not be ashamed of sex, and always be safe and enjoy ourselves. So M and I knew everything about each other’s sex lives, and we had both shared things about sex we’d written before.


After showing several fabulous, tantalizing blogs, she turned to me and said “I think we could do this, ourselves”. She was very excited about the idea. Being a military spouse, she had been made to move to an area where she didn’t know anyone, and was isolated from other spouses. She needed an outlet, and this was perfect. She wanted to do it, and she specifically wanted to blog with me. She plied me with flattery about my writing skills, and also talked about how much easier it would be with two of us. This was something we could do together and bond with, because we didn’t get to see each other as often as we should. I asked a few more questions, and realized that yes, this was something we could totally do.


Now came the hard part.


We had to figure out what to call our blog. We went through a million names, most of them horrible. Uniforms and lingerie? Two sisters, one blog? It got quite silly. Finally,  in a burst of genius I said “Cammies on the Floor”. It worked. It felt like it belonged. The perspective we were writing from was that of sex and military life. The extra interesting fact about it is, we’re sisters. It was unique, and it was us.

From there we started figuring out how to even create a blog, what kind of content we wanted, and a vague direction we wanted to go in. Thanks to M’s voracious reading of other blogs she knew quite a lot to start. The rest, as they say, is history. We have grown so much and spread out, and it is amazing the community we have been able to be a part of.

It’s you, reading this, that has gotten through two years, inspired us to grow, challenged us to write different things, think outside the box, and has inspired us. In celebration, I thought I’d share the story of us, and M has made a special montage of pictures throughout the years.

Lots of love, and dirty thoughts,