Sep 252013

The anticipation was quite high for his arrival. I paced. Every minute it seemed had me racing to the mirror to check that I looked okay, that every hair was in place and that my breasts hadn’t betrayed me and given up the perfect cleavage I had arranged. He was coming over purely for sex and so I questioned why waste time getting dressed? Instead I showered and shaved and applied sultry makeup and fashioned soft hair to compliment the completely sheer fabric of the lingerie I had chosen instead.

My heart beat a faster rhythm as my phone buzzed saying he was here. My pacing moved into the entryway after one last dash to the mirror. The soft fabric of my lingerie merely complimenting the perfect nudity of my soft skin. Finally his knock came. I opened the door for him, making sure to stand slightly behind, so his view was hampered until he was fully in my house and I was closing the door.

Suddenly he spun me around and slammed me into the wall, his mouth devouring mine as his fingers drove into the dampness he had perfect access to that was caused by my discovery of this absolute proof of what he thought of me answering the door in such a state. Quickly stripped down, I was standing naked in my entryway while his hands roamed every inch.

He tugged and pulled me into my room where with deft movements he shoved me bent over the bed and entered me so swiftly it stole my breath away. Our sex was intense, furious, primal. He bundled my hair into his fist and pulled my head up so he could bite on my neck as he drove harder into me; my body grateful for his entrance. Just as quickly as the moments had progressed I felt my body tightening around him and a strangled cry escape my lips as the beginnings of my orgasm brought him to his. Filled, finished, with legs I didn’t think would work, I collapsed onto the bed, never having expected such a forceful, erotic moment as this.

I decided then, I definitely need to answer the door naked more often.

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