Nov 012015

The text:

I want a picture…you will get dressed in your stockings we got you I like, with your crotchless panties, and take pictures. I want a couple of pictures of you playing with yourself and then in child’s pose. If you are feeling real frisky take your new plug and put it in, pull your underwear to expose yourself while in child’s pose, and take that picture. This may be hard to do but you can use your phone timer, or something, I am sure you can figure it out. Only need to send one picture, you can send more, but I think they will turn out good and we can use them for later [for the blog].

He’s never before been so specific, so detailed, nor has he ever demanded a photo. In the past, he only hinted or suggested I take one for him.

I think this reflects that he is aware of more of what he likes and wants.

I think this also reflects that gradual change that has occurred in our relationship – he’s more dominant overall nowadays.

This wasn’t the only request he made of me, oh no, it was only the first during a recent separation. I sent him that picture, anxious to make him proud, and because he mentioned it, used a plug – even though I don’t play that way with myself, even though I still don’t care for anal stimulation the majority of the time.

He only requested a photo. I sent him 4, and a video. I’m an overachiever, I guess, and I wanted him to know that I took his request seriously. It turned me on so much that he had even demanded so specifically and not giving me the option to say no.

He gave me a deadline and everything.

When he’s called, he’s also been whispering what he has planned for us…for me. He has this scene that required yet another video to carry out – a video that he demanded I make of where I orgasm three times…

“But I can’t do that to myself. After I get sensitive, I quit. It’s too overwhelming to do that to myself,” I protested, not wanting to discourage him from his demand, but completely convinced that I wouldn’t carry it through. Nothing makes me call it quits quite like too much pleasure.

“Yes you can, and you will.” He didn’t even listen to my argument. “I have every intention of tying you up to the bed and watching it with you there while I masturbate and come to it. So you better provide it for me.”

God the words turned me on so badly I wanted to give him the video. I managed it too, but to create such overwhelming sensitivity as multiple orgasms wasn’t easy.

He sheds bit and pieces of the scene he has planned on his homecoming night, all completely pushing my boundaries, things that make me stutter and squirm while listening to his whispered words.

“Touch yourself,” he’ll instruct me. “You’re wet.”

And I am, so wet.

“I know you’re blushing, but you want it,” he’ll sometimes say, and he’s right on that account too. I am blushing, but I do want it…or at least the thought turns me on and intrigues me.

God help me when he returns.

*To read about how he used the video when he returned, click here.

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  4 Responses to “Tasks”

  1. I love everything about this. The fact that he’s becoming more Dominant. The fact that you’re an overachiever (me too). The fact that he pushed and you made it happen – even though it wasn’t easy.

  2. i was not being given tasks, but i felt under the spell of his dominance…

  3. That kind of man can text me any day… WOOF.

  4. […] we were separated, he told me to take a video of myself masturbating. I sent it to him. He hinted at parts of a scene he had planned, in which the video would be […]

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