Tech Talk


Another of my vanilla dating adventures. He was the second guy that I dated after my marriage ended. My friend actually named him Tech Talk, because he is in technology (I never used that skill of his), and because I felt so comfortable talking to him. He is incredibly open minded about my kink, didn’t shut me down when I discussed polyamory, and was someone I felt that didn’t judge me – a problem I feel I have quite a bit. He also never pressured me to spend time or commit to anything more than I want to, a patience that I desperately needed as I worked on discovering myself after so many rough transitions.

Speaking of open minded about kink, he had some explorations with biting and blood play in high school years but considered himself a vanilla. I had every intention of exposing him to as much as possible, both with and without me, after a BDSM checklist revealed there wasn’t much he was opposed to trying at least once.

We went to a few dungeon educationals, and though he wants to be a top, I have a feeling that I’ll be topping him more often than not while he learns – granted this could complicate the long term as most days I don’t like to top. He had also seen me scene with someone else, including orgasm play, and gratefully was okay with it.

He was an adventure just waiting to begin, but right when we began, I attempted to reconcile with my ex husband…twice. Even once I realized I could not make my marriage work anymore, I decided to not reach out to him, more out of embarrassment of walking away twice.

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