Oct 112015

A good night’s sleep, something I’ve been sorely lacking, has cut the night’s scenes into segments. It flowed beautifully, but my rested brain doesn’t want to work beyond moments.

There was the moment where he reached across the bed for me. Naked, I was lying on my back and he was kneeling, moved one knee over my forearm, an arm crossed my body to grip my opposite wrist, his strong, naked thighs so close to my face. Bound by his limbs in the dim light, my eyes feasted on the sight of his growing erection, the head became firmer and the ridge more prominent under his foreskin, the stiffness in his shaft brought him closer to my mouth which watered at the thought of tasting…but not close enough to even graze the tip with my tongue, so temptingly close.

The moment where he warned me that he wasn’t going to kiss me, that if I kissed him that he would make me sleep, his eyes danced in merriment, words washed against my face, and his plump lips so close to mine, so temptingly close…               His fingers grazed against my wet desire and slipped in the merest amount and I madly kissed him, hoped to never part lips and tongues until he was as taken with passion as I was and fully inside of me before realizing that he forgot to follow through on his threat…          He kissed me passionately, his hand crept up to my neck … and I woke up with his heated mouth between other lips.

Later, the feel of the rope against my wrists with arms strung up to a bedpost, ropes around my upper arms strung between my mouth to hold the gag in pace, then around my head to hold my silence even tighter, my teeth clenching those saliva-covered invasive ropes as a wand was tied tightly to my sex. The setting was a maddeningly schedule of low to high, stopped right before I could cum, before allowing me to breathe and start anew. My body tightened and willed itself the ride the wave towards climax just a little faster – to no avail. When that proved not entertainment enough, he pinched my nipples into clamps with bells on the end, warned me that if he heard the bells there would be a consequence. I took a bracing breath and my chest rose. Tinkle of a small bell and my leg was pulled up to expose the back thigh, smacked with a paddle, warned again. The buzzing rode to a high level and I twitched from the almost-pleasure peak. Ring of the two tiny alarm systems and the other thigh was treated equally with a paddle. I was blindfolded and thin little falls of rubber whipped into my breasts, the bells crying out as much distress from the stinging impact as my rope filled mouth. I came despite the damnable timing of the wand, crashed through the peak of pleasure with a muffled scream.

Minutes later he fucked me with the wand still on.

When he rolled me over, fucked me from one long orgasm to another, and bit down hard at the back juncture of neck and shoulder. His teeth laid claim and marked my skin as his hard cock slammed intensely into my body.

What was the aftermath became a playground for his hands and fingers to explore my receptive skin, my uncovered moans and intake of breaths advice to pursue such exquisite responsiveness, my unfettered hands gripped hard against his body as if I could meld us into one. His fingers pinched sore nipples and my nails dug into his shoulders, a hand slapped between my thighs and I came so suddenly that the nails raked down his chest and caught his own hardened nipple, little red welts blazed the trail that I had traversed. He moved between my thighs and a leg grazed my soaking wet vulva, my hips raised up of their own accord, sought more; he applied more pressure against me and I unabashedly slid myself up and down his leg in a frenzy of need. He gripped my sweat drenched hair and arched me further against him, pressed his mouth to my ear and clearly issued out a passion-filled command to cum. After I obeyed, he slid deeply into me, slowly drove in and out of me, pushed himself into my very depths, his harsh breath mingled with my moans, my legs wrapped around his waist and pulled in even deeper, my thighs clenched against his hips and pelvis as if afraid to let go, my hips arched up to meet every down thrust; he so slowly and steadily drove us to an intense orgasm.

The cuddles and words of amazed affirmation afterwards, the sweat drenched bodies with limbs entwined, the hand pushing the mass of tangled hair away from my face and off of my neck. The laughter, the extremely cold ice cream falling onto fevered skin, the delicious sweet taste against my tongue, the coolness as it slid down a parched throat. Last I remember was my body heavy and sinking into the mattress, the fan drying my hair, and the covers cocooning my body into slumber.

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  5 Responses to “The Moment Where…”

  1. oooh, the part with the bells was the best! so hot! damn hot!

  2. WOW that was great!!

  3. OK, that is just ridiculously hot. I shall have to take a break from the MM links for a while while a cool off!

  4. Jeebus, it was ALL hawt…a night where all you can do is re-tell it in bits and pieces and in fragments is a good night indeed. 🙂

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