Dec 092017
Sinful Sunday

In case anyone was wondering

  12 Responses to “This Piercing Feels Amazing”

  1. That is quite the piercing.

  2. Oh goodness . . . I’m always intrigued whenever I see them.
    Though I have never seen one, in the flesh, quite like this one !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Seems hard to miss! I’ve never experienced a Prince Albert but I’ve felt a tongue barbell. The internal stimulation has got to be kind of amazing!

  4. Yikes!

    Lovely, but yikes!

  5. Oh my – have no experience but looks amazing

  6. Not seen a bar that size before ! I bet the weight must feel awesome but I can’t help but wince lol x

  7. This really is intriguing…

    Rebel xox

  8. Wow that is quite some piercing.


  9. Oh my looks incredible but I’d be so afraid it would tear…

  10. Oh wow. Looks incredible but it would intimidate me.

  11. Wow

    That is quite a piercing and thanks for sharing the photograph.

  12. Oh, my! I cannot even imagine how good that has got to feel.

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