Nov 182014

Fill in the blank

1. When I can’t sleep I often wake my husband for sex . (Of course, he doesn’t always wake up.)

2. My dream bedroom would be full of sex toys, rope, and tie off points .

3. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be someplace with warmth and people I love .

4. I need to have warm toes in order to sleep  at night.

5. Not having things to be grateful for would truly be a nightmare.

6. Night time is the right time to sleep, the day is for everything else .

Bonus:  Briefly tell us about your last dream–erotic or not.

I had a nightmare that I was being hit by balls flying at me, and with no depth perception, I couldn’t tell how close they were until they hit me.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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  1. I had a erotic dream not last night, may be a month ago. I was not able to sleep. I was thinking about a women/girl with whom I can stay for all night long and I don’t know when I fell asleep and had a erotic dream that I was thinking of before sleep. It was like nothing but everything. When I woke up my hand was on my …..?

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