Jun 212016

Fill-in-blank or answer accordingly.

1. You are looking at your lover. You say, “I’d love to do some rope.”
2. In a chat with your best female friend you say, “You look really sexy when you wear your hair down .” (She always hears this from me, it’s sexy as hell.)
3. Name the one piece of lingerie you would love to see a man wear.

My ex husband wore a see through thong that I (and every one else at a kinky camp out) thought was sexy. He also had some silky boxers that looked fantastic on him. I don’t know that I overall view lingerie on men as sexy, other than appreciating the effort and for pictures. 
4. I wish I did more orgasms while on top in bed.
5. I absolutely LOVE when you kiss my oh gosh, so many things! Of course, all the obvious places first.

Bonus: Tell us your favorite sexual memory of you and your current or most recent lover.

What immediately came to mind may not be my favorite sexual memory, but it certainly is a recent memory that makes me smile.

He had me tied naked to a chair and was alternating impact pain to fingering me to pleasurable orgasms. He created such an excellent balance of the two that they began to blur together. I was sweaty, exhausted, incapable of thought outside of what he was doing to me.

And then I opened my eyes and saw his pink shirt. When I saw him wearing it earlier in the day, I really liked it on him. I still really liked it on him, but I suddenly chuckled. Here was the man who had me at his complete mercy, who had me stripped naked and spread vulnerable, who took me on a fantastic journey that included pain, who intimidated me a little (which was a good thing in moments like this) and he was still fully dressed and wearing such a happy and innocent-seeming color of pink.

I love contrasts.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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